Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Goodbye September!

It would appear that I'm completely in denial about how fast the days are ticking by, because when I saw Fresh Sewing Day posts popping up in the dashboard, I thought they had all gone mad!!
But, no it's me that is slowly loosing my grip on time!!
I was amazed to find what I made in September, as all I could think of was the paper pieced blocks from 'And Sew on' Bom.
I'm rather pleased!! What with the children starting back at school and settling the littlest lady at play school, I could have sworn I'd not been near my machine!!
But, I'm really trying to finish things up and catch up, before the Christmas making begins!!

I'm linking up with Lynne

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  1. September was a paper-piecing fest round your way Joanne!

  2. Great makes! I LOVE your sewing block :D

  3. Yay great month and I've just seen your name pop up as a giveaway winner...think crafty books...

  4. Great PP blocks and I I love your pillow too!

  5. fabulous blocks! Especially the sewing room!

  6. Stunning projects, I can't believe how quick September went. I've just got back from shopping and all the Christmas stuff is in the shops now!!!! X

  7. Looks like a great collection :o)

  8. I know - where did September go!! Lovely makes


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