Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Production Line Sewing

I may be getting a little excited about the Fat Quarterly Retreat……It's the same day as the children break up from school, so we are all on a count down, but for very different reasons. I was told this morning that we have 4 weeks and 2 days!!!……. class lists have started to go out and partners have been assigned for the Secret Name Tag Swap and I've been working on my sample swap items!
I'm making Thread Catchers, in a small rainbow of colours.
I got the pattern as a free Kindle Book, it's called Fairytale Pincushion and Thread Catcher by Brioni Greenberg and I've been waiting for the right chance to make them.
She used a charm pack, but I wanted to use some of my favourite scraps.
Two are finished and just waiting their sandy inserts for the pincushion bit, but the other two still need lining as well. I'm also waiting for some plastic boning(!!) to insert and make the bags have a ridged top. Can't wait to fight that in place!
I've used some grippy material (yes that is the technical term!) for the bottom of the pin cushions to stop it sliding off the table/sewing area, I'm feeling very smug about having the idea to add that, although in fairness I probably read about it somewhere.
I hope to have them finished by the weekend and I really hope my fellow swappers like them. 
I also have a bit of a list of other things I want to get made before then too, like 

And probably a million other things I'll think of between now and then! 

So I best get out of blogland and on with some sewing! 
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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Le Challenge #13 - Charity

So it is Le Challenge time of the month, last month I opted out as I'd won in April and felt very very lucky!!!
I spent my winnings very wisely and had ordered fabrics from Fat Quarter Shop that I could use for a very special quilt.
My plan was a Giant Star Quilt with Pam Kitty fabrics and I think I met my plan well.
This quilt is to go to Siblings Together Charity, for children who are separated by the care system from their siblings, you can read all about the original quilt drive here and about the charity here.
It is an amazing charity that actually brought me to tears to think of my children being separated by circumstances out of mine or my husbands control!!! Things in life can change so so quickly!!!
I quilted the life out of it! Lots of lines at different widths all quilted with Aurifil.
 And to me its a winner for the charity, as my children kept asking if it was for them!
I have to say if I hadn't start the project with Siblings Together at the front of my mind I would gladly keep this quilt, it's bright, fun and cheerful!
So excuse me if I over photo this quilt!!
I used Lynne at Lilys Quilt's fabulously fast binding tutorial  for machine binding and it worked! As long as I was slow!
The details are
Pam Kitty Giant Star 
Size : 68:x68"
for backing fabric, Ikea Britten Nummer and Bike paths in pink  which I got super cheap!! and for binding more Bike Path in blue!
Quilting : by me with straight lines and Aurifil 50wt 2024

I can't wait to hand this quilt over at Fat Quarterly Retreat to the charity and I hope to make many more quilts for the children involved in this charity!! 

Siblings Together
From the original drive two years ago, the quilt numbers have definitely gone down and I was wondering next year about getting people to send simple blocks to me, to contribute to a quilt like the lovely ladies from Exeter have this year. They have built several wonky cross quilts to donate and I was thinking about a churn dash quilt for 2015?? What do you think???  Would you donate a block????

Le Challenge

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

WIP Wednesday - a square week

I've been sewing away, but haven't been blogging much these last few weeks, there is just never enough hours in the day to get everything done.
This week's sewing has been all about squares, big squares
a nice 2" finished.
And, then very small squares
¼" finished!! Eye achingly small!!
These are all for my Fat Quarterly Retreat Swaps, the larger squares are to be turned into Thread Catchers and the smaller squares are for my Secret Partners name tag.
I normally avoid swaps like the plague, as I don't want people seeing my shoddy workmanship, but I really felt I missed out last year not being in the sample swaps and I loved getting a name tag made just for me, so I signed up to both! I've been pinning name tags like mad for ideas and might be giving a paper pieced sewing machine a go for the back!!
Lastly this yarn arrived today from Gemini Knits and I've completely fallen in love with it, I had it made into a yarn cake within minutes!
It needs to be a Miss Winkle shawl by the beginning go July for my friends birthday, but I'll be amazed if I give it away.
A quick question for wool lovers, do any knitters/crocheters out there have a yarn swift? Are they good? I feel that my current situation is not working very well
I need to ask the hubby for one for my birthday, but I don't know if a need a wooden or plastic one? Any ideas, or are they useless?

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Makes

It's been a busy month in this household with cushions and Swoon blocks.
and June is looking to be a manic month too, with swaps items needing to be made for FQR, my Siblings Together quilt needs finishing and a bit of summer dressmaking for me and the little lady of the house! Not much then!

I'm off to see everyones Fresh Sewing day post, while trying to ignore the children ruining the neighbours peaceful gardens with a glass of something summery and some earplugs!!
Lily's Quilts

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