Monday, 15 February 2016

Woolly and fibre Addictions

So I might not have been blogging so much recently but I thought I'd update you with the newest additions to the wool and fabric stash.

As a little gift to me I signed up to a Valentines Box from A Fine Fish Yarns. I LOVE Terri's yarns and made one of my favourite shawls from her amazing Christmas Tree Lights Yarns a few Christmases ago and was just waiting for the chance to order more.
I went for the 100gms skein of both Kiss Kiss and Bang Bang yarns as I couldn't decide if I was a hater or a lover of Valentines Day ( I think I'm a bit of both!!)
They are just so perfect together, I need a shawl pattern to use them both in.

And then a  good few week back I took advantage of the Simply Solids sale and stocked up on a bit of Cotton + Steel halloween fabric.

They seem to design the loveliest seasonal fabrics and I wish I had bought more of them earlier on, especially the Christmas ones.

And then last week I saw a little IG destash (why does auto correct want to change it to deaths, maybe it is worried by us destashing!!!) of A Stash Addict yarn and I couldn't resist.
This gorgeous skein of Electric Watermelon has been earmarked as a Miss Winkle Shawlette for me, or if you have any other 1 skein shawl ideas let me know please!!!!
I'm off to ponder my makes and get on with my Daybreak Shawl knitting,

Hopefully I'll get back here tomorrow with a sewing update, don't be too shocked but I have actually got to use my sewing machine!!!! 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Cosy Toes: Part 2 ✔️

The next thing to come of my needles are my Christmas Eve Socks, they are a bit of a dazzling rainbow pair of socks!
I cast these on, on Christmas Eve as part of Little Bobbins knit along and with our Christmas being a bit busy I didn't get much done over the holidays but have slowly plodding along of an evening and last week finished them off.
They are a little on the big size (massive under exaggeration!!!)  as I got a little bit carried away one evening knitting the foot of the sock infant of the tv. I really think I need one of these sock rulers, but the seller must be out of the adult ones, I have seen someone on Instagram using a homemade cardboard one, but I can't remember who.
These are a from Socks from the Toe Up just using the basic sock pattern, to show off the amazing colours of the yarn. I did try really hard to start the socks at the same part of the pattern so that they would match and I think I succeeded.
The Details
Pattern - Basic sock from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy Knits 
Time to knit - About a month, which I don't think is too bad for me!
This is the first thing finished from my 2016 FAL Q1 list and although it was an easy finish I'm just chuffed that I've got something ticked off! 

2016 FAL
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