Friday, 11 October 2013

It's the final countdown!

Da da da daaa...... I genuinely cannot believe that we are at the final quarter of 2013! 
she can quilt
So, as it is the last list for 2013 I'm really going to try and get them all cleared and start 2014 with a clear sewing pile!!!
Ok, maybe I'm slightly unrealistic, but here's whats on the list anyway! 
The Spinning Stars Quilt
If I don't finish it this quarter, I may just throw it out the window as it's been a finished quilt top for a year! It's 80% hand quilted and I've picked Sketch in Mist or Grey to bind it so, fingers crossed!

Wonky Pink Stars
This has not been touched since the last quarter or the quarter before that! I really just need some more stars and to pull my finger out to get it together! Rose won't like pirates by the time I'm finished! 

 Happy Swoon
All the blocks are cut and ready to go in sandwich bags for when the mood strikes! This is a Christmas present so really has to be finished! 

Hootenanny Quilt
This is chopped and also ready to go for son No.2, but I keep stopping myself from getting any bits together! I'm worried that I'll mess the layout up, just need a good kick up the .... to start! 

Frosted Pumpkin Sampler
I've just finished September and I really want to keep up and get this all finished and into something before the new year starts! 
added 13/10/13 - I forgot this one! 
And Sew On Blocks
I have 1½ blocks to finish and then turn this into something by the end of October so I can link it up with Kristy. Originally I was thinking of a wall hanging, but think it might be too big now! So it might end up as a lap quilt for me! 

So thats it and considering there are a fair few quilts on that list I'm not very hopeful! But Leanne did say go big and I won't get in trouble for not finishing any, I hope! 


  1. Good luck! I'm sure you can get at least some done :o)

  2. Gosh that's very ambitious, but listing more means that you should finish at least something, and you can flit between things when the project feels a bit boring!

  3. That is an impressive list for sure! If you knock off the almost finished quilt soon I am sure that will encourage you to tackle some of the rest of the list, well the theory is good :)

    Love your cross stitch sampler, hope you can keep up with that I would love to see the final version.

  4. Such gorgeous projects, that hootenanny is going to be stunning!!

  5. Good luck this quarter! I am in love with that spinning stars quilt. The hand quilting is gorgeous!


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