Saturday, 26 October 2013

Christmas Makes Week 3!

Yesterday, I broke the iron! I think it has a heart attack at the thought of more HST's! So I'm only one Swoon block up from last week, along with a pile of squares to be trimmed and ironed!
But my big finish this week in my Christmas Makes is my Hootenanny Quilt Top!
I really love this fella! He is very quiet (unlike most in this house!) and he is just making me smile today, oh and feel a little bit paranoid! Those sparkly eyes are still following me everywhere!
I could only work on him, when son No.2 was out, so he still has on idea that I've started his quilt. I need to get shopping for some backing and wadding to turn this top into a quilt.
And heres Swoon block No.4
My list so far.....

Swoon Quilt for the Parents - 4 of the blocks done
Hootenanny Quilt for Son No.2 - Quilt Top is complete 
Doll's House Mat for Rose, I want it to go on the wall!?!
Christmas Table Runner - I keep getting distracted searching for ideas on Pinterest! 
Polar Bear Cushion  
Christmas Dress of Rose - I now know I'm going to make another Book Report Dress in Christmassy Cheesy fabric! 

So, thats two well on there way and the rest being ignored! I think that is a pretty good week when you consider I churred out two outfits of the little lady too here and here!
I'm not long in from work, so I'm taking a glass of wine to the sofa to watch Strictly and catch up on some of October's Woodland Sampler!  But will be checking out the other Making Christmas progress thats been linked up at Kristy of Quiet Play.
Now, where was that Argos catalogue for the new iron...... I have Swoon blocks to make



  1. Sorry about your iron but that owl and your swoon block are gorgeous!

  2. I love your Owl Quilt! So creative. And a bummer about your iron.

  3. Remember, just 'cos you're paranoid doesn't mean he's not out to get you ;o)

  4. Oh dear - good luck on a new iron! Love your Hootenanny quilt! I did this one in pinks at one point - it's a lot of work! Big achievement!

  5. Shame about your iron there is obviously a limit to how many HAT's an iron is prepared to take! Congratulations on finishing that Hootenanny quilt top it looks great.

  6. such a brilliant owl - your son will love it :-)

  7. My iron is playing up a little, too. I think I need to give it some loving and de-scale it... Still very much in love with the owl. If I didn't have enough on my plate already it'd be perfect for my to add to the future makings list, though, I think..

  8. Congrats on this week's progress! Your quilt top is fab and I love the new swoon block. Sorry to hear about your iron though.

  9. Brilliant!! The owl top looks great!! I love your swoon block too. Well done with the finishes.


  10. I just love the hootenanny quilt. And the swoon block is pretty awesome, too.


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