Monday, 29 April 2013

Pillowcase Love.

I have been working on prettifying Rose bedroom lately and had made her a duvet cover a few weeks ago and yesterday cut out the pieces for a pillowcase. She is still in her cot-bed and was using a rather boyish cover that had been passed down from her brothers.
This morning I tackled the sewing together of the pillowcase and here it is.
I used this brilliant tutorial, but tweaked it a tiny bit as I wanted the pillow to be enclosed in a flap!
The spot and scalloped stripe fabric are from Pam Kitty Love and I had trouble finding a UK shop that had them. I bought the spotty one at my local quilt shop and the scallop from Sew & Quilt and the dark pink for the trim is from my stash and is called Running Stitch.....I think!!
It is certainly brightening up her cot!
The duvet cover was a quick make with a few metres of IKEA fabric that I already had. I scoured the internet looking for nice/colourful snap fasteners (which are quite hard to find in the UK) and managed to find these.
They are blue metal snap fasteners from a UK supplier the Textile Garden, they also have the most stunning buttons and shawl pins!! Really unusual stuff!
Rose has been rather lucky on the sewing front this week, Kids Clothes Week is over for this Spring! And I rather pleased with the three items I managed to get finished for her.
I think for the next challenge I will make sure I'm a bit more prepared with pattern ideas before hand! Might even look for some patterns for the boys, although I'm sure my eldest will declare anything I make far too uncool!!! He would just be pleased if I got on a quilted his Giant Star quilt!

Friday, 26 April 2013

A Posy Geranium!

I am so pleased that I joined in with Kids Clothes Week this Spring, it has given me a good kick to get sewing some different things and to make this little beauty!
My husband a little less so as the house is a complete mess!!! 
The Geranium Dress by Made-By-Rae is nearly everywhere in blogland at the moments and I think that is due to the fact it is so versatile, easy and nearly each one I've seen looks different! 
I had seen this fabric in my local quilt shop when it first came in a few weeks ago and was just waiting for the excuse to buy some, it is so pretty and delicate looking, I actually felt bad cutting it up!!! 
The pattern comes with so many different options to make it with different lengths, sleeves, pockets and necklines. I have made the top b version with cap sleeves, pleats, pockets and a little notched neckline in a 3T. Rose is 2 and a bit and it's got a good bit of growing room.
I did not have any trouble with matching the yoke to the skirt, it was the perfect fit and really simple. (I had real trouble with that in the last dress with pleats that I made for Rose!!) 
I loved the hints in the pattern to help you along, especially if your like me and forget bits........ 
The fabric is Bouquet in Daisy from Posy by Aneela Hoey and I lined it with an off white from my quilt shop. I used odd pink and peachy buttons, (also from my brilliant local quilt shop) as I couldn't decide on which ones to use!! 
I am so so pleased with it!!! 
I would love to get one more thing made before the weeks over and I was hoping for the dress version of the Geranium with the ruffle sleeves.....I just need to pick a fabric! 
It's either Summersville Spring, or  Posy 17 !!! Decisions, decisions!!! 
So thats Day 5 and I've made 3 things with 5 buttonholes!! And I still hate buttonholes! Or maybe it just the way my machine makes them........

Another Day, another Rose overload!! Sorry! 

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Roly-Poly Rose!

It's day 4 of Kids Clothes Week and I have finished something else!!!
And I think it is blinking fantastic!!! In my humble opinion!!!
It's the Roly-Poly Pinafore Tunic by Rachael at Imagine Gnats!
I had been seeing glimpses of the pattern on IG and as soon as it was available to buy I bought it from here! It's on offer this week, due to it being Kids Clothes Week!
It was the first time I've printed print off and stuck together a clothes pattern and it really hasn't put me off, just need to make sure I stock up on more double sided tape!
The instructions were super clear and the whole thing came together really well. There are a couple of options on how you can make it, I opted to make it reversible and to have both sides with pockets.
My little model loved it and thought the pockets were great, I'm sure they will be a perfect place to stash  stones in!
I used Alphabetti in red from Summersville (which Lucie Summers has got really cheap in her Etsy shop at the moment!!) with a red dot from Vintage Modern by Camille Roskelly and for the reverse Apples in white with Sweater Check in red both from Little Apples by Aneela Hoey.
I can imagine this top being really well worn and in the summer (if we get one!) she can wear it without a T-shirt and it will be nice and cool!
Right, I'm off to pick some buttons for another project and see what other people having been making and posting in the Flickr Group for Kids Clothes Week!
Oh, and sorry for thew Rose overload..............We got completely carried away with the photos!!!!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Wednesday's chaos!

So, the last week has been manic around our house! Lots of activities for the children and therefore lots of ferrying around for me to do.
But, I have squirrelled a little sewing time for myself and have got a few things done. Firstly my Violet Blouse is all done and was shown off here, Monday I made a Lazy Days Skirt for Rose (which has already been worn out!) and yesterday I got my Little Apple Lady quilt top all together.
This will be for Siblings Together and I just need to get some wadding and backing. I've got the fabric for the binding so need to get a wriggle on! I've no idea how I'm going to quilt it either!
Last night I got printing, sticking and cutting some patterns to make some other bits for Kids Clothes Week and I have been sewing today so should have a finished item by tomorrow!

And thats it for progress this week, I've done not a bit on my Wonky pink stars or on quilting the Giant Star!! Must do better!
I'm linking up with

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Monday, 22 April 2013

Jumping into Kids Clothes Week

I have watched the goings-on of Kids Clothes Week from afar over the last few years and this time I'm jumping in!
The idea is an hour a day, for 7 days, to work on making some clothes for children.  To me an hour is quite achievable, even with 3 children with better social lives than me!!! And my daughter is definitely in need of some spring clothing.
So to kick me off for Day 1 of this week, I've started with a pattern I've been meaning to try for ages, the really really easy Lazy Days Skirt.

The pattern is free from Oliver +S and I truly made this in under an hour!
I've used some chambray that I had leftover from Rose's dress and some Amy Butler ribbon.
The pattern said to use the full width of the fabric, but I only had a metre of ribbon so it is a little bit narrower than it should be.
The pattern also said to not worry about finishing the seems, as you was using the selvedges, but as I wasn't and chambray frays so much, I did use French seams.
I added a little bit of ribbon as a label, which I'd seen someone do on Flickr and loved the look of.
It finished at 11" long and I could have made it shorter, but I do love a bit of growing room!!!
And I think my little model was very happy with the finished product!!
Lets see what I can get done tomorrow! I doubt it will be another finished item though!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Violet Blouse

I've only gone and made a blouse, for me!!!
And it looks ok!
Back at the end of March I saw that Rae was hosting a Spring Top Sewalong and I decided this was the push I needed to make something for myself.  I bought the Violet Blouse by Colette Patterns from M is for Make and then rushed headlong into making a muslin and I had a few issues!
Well, never one to be undeterred! I bought some cotton poplin, sat down with a list of helpful hints from you lot, a notepad and I had a tiny fiddle with my measurements then reassessed the pattern and........ here it is!

 And the back!

I am thrilled with it!
I think the big difference was the weight of the material I used. The muslin I made was just too stiff and wasn't made to be worn, but I forgot that when I tried it on and was over critical.
It was a super easy pattern to follow and make. Although it is labeled as beginner pattern, I think I would have had a lot more mistakes and heartaches, if I hadn't taken the time to make my dummy one first.
But, as I had already copied out the pattern on to baking paper for the muslin, and kind of knew what I was doing(?), this blouse took just one Sunday afternoon to cut and sew. I then dragged my heels until yesterday to get on with my nemesis 'buttonholes'.

The fabric is called Fidget and is a 58" wide Cotton Poplin which I bought from Croft Mill, I needed 2 metres and I still have enough to make something for Rose (Maybe a skirt?). I used mother of pearl buttons as I felt they wouldn't compete with the pattern of the fabric.

I added a 'made my me' label and then asked The Husband to take some photos. (I am not trying to look thoughtful here, I'm telling a 7 year old not to dare kick the ball at me!)

So, I will definitely be making another and after giving this pattern a go, I feel more confident to sew something else for myself.
Have a peek at the Flickr Group if you need some inspiration to make yourself a top!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wednesday already!

I can't believe that it's Wednesday again, so soon!!
The boys are back at school and the little lady and I are slowly getting back into our routine and used to a quiet house!
So, this weekend I got a bit of sewing time and got on with a few wip's.
Pink Wonky Stars
I've made a few more of of my wonky stars. These are highly addictive, I think it's because there are so informal and I'm not having to keep measuring and referring to a pattern.
I've clipped a piece of wadding up to give me an idea of how many more I need, quite a few I think!

Little Apples Lady
This is to be my quilt for Siblings Together. Last night whilst the house was occupied with a football match I joined these blocks together and have ordered the fabric I need for the borders. I've ordered Sweater Check in red and Little Apples on white!
I thinking of using this fun IKEA fabric for the backing, I've been desperate for an excuse to get some!

Violet Blouse
I've got this all together and it just needs some buttons and buttonhole(!!). I'm hoping to pop out and get some today, shame you can't buy buttonholes as I'm dreading adding those!

I also made a duvet cover for Rose yesterday, just need to sew on the snappers and hope to get a decent photo later today.

So thats me, what about you?  
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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wip Wednesday!

After posting my Q2 list for the 2013 FAL on Monday, I feel like it has given me a bit of a kick start!
Last night I made a few more of my Pink Wonky Stars. I'm using my fussy cut centres to work out what fabric is need around it! I'd love to do a few really tiny ones!

It is quite a liberating way to work, not having to keep seeing if everything is coming up to size. But, I dread the part where I have to get them all into a quilt top!
Still quite a few more to go before that though, as I'm aiming for a cot bed size.

And today I am figuring out a layout for my Little Apple Lady quilt top. Once these blocks are together it just needs top and bottom borders.
Hopefully I'll be able to find a shop that still sells Little Apples or I'll have to use some solids for them.
Which layout do you favour? top or bottom?
There is only a tiny difference, but I'm not sure which is more balanced.

No progress on my Violet Blouse, as I'm waiting for some fabric to arrive to tackle a real version, with the helpful hints from everyone!

I'm linking up as ever with
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Monday, 8 April 2013

Whats on the list?

After doing so well with my finishes on the first quarter of the 2013 FAL, I thought I'd set myself a fail challenge this quarter.
she can quilt

Quilt Blocks Spinning Stars
This has been finished since November, and has just been hanging around in the laundry room! I think it's because I would like to hand quilt it, but am very daunted by the basting.
So, I am going to get it basted by a longarmer. I just hope she doesn't mind the wonky seams and dodgy points!!! I need to make up or buy a backing and then after she has basted it, all it needs to be is hand quilted and binding added!

Little Apple Lady
This will be my quilt for Siblings Together and I'm hoping to drop it off at the FQR. So this has to be done!
These blocks need to be assembled, a top and bottom border attached, then quilted and binded.

Giant Constellation Star
I finished this a few weekends ago and it needs a backing and then I'm aiming for simple quilting.

And lastly

Pink Wonky Star
I have had the idea for this quilt for ages and planned to make a star when I had a bit of time but, I've only made two.
And then haven't added any others even though most of the bits are cut out.
Although it is based a two of my favourite Wonky stars quilts, I hope for this quilt to be a bit 'inprov pieced' (is that the right phrase!?!) but I think it might be the randomness of it thats slowing me down!!

So, that my list!
I'm off to link up at Leanne's and see what others have got on theirs! 

Friday, 5 April 2013

Springtime Dressmaking

Just missing the Spring weather bit!
During last week I had been seeing the skirts made by Lynne of Lily Quilts on IG and had been tweeting stalking her, asking her questions about lining and pre washing fabrics.
So when on bank holiday Monday, I found myself with a free afternoon I knew just what to fill it.........
No, not get on with one of the many things I have already started, but to make a skirt.
I measured myself, followed Lynne's instructions for drafting a simple pattern, drew my pattern out on baking paper (because I'm classy like that!) and set to work cutting into my fabric.
A £1 zip and an hour later and this skirt was born!
It needs a press, but I was too excited!! 
BUT! I over measured myself, I really didn't want it to bee (!) too small to fit into, so I had to chop a couple of inches off each side. As you can see from the back photo, it is still a little big (it's not wonky though, that must have been how I was standing or maybe I'm wonky, as it is straight!)  but I can hopefully take it in a little more.
I used less than a metre of Bee Springtime by Melody Miller (but it is a wider fabric than regular quilting fabric) and whats more I got it on sale at M is for Make. So it cost me just 1 hour of time and  £11 to make this skirt with my cheap zip and I still have a nice chunk of the fabric to use.

So, feeling brave, I made this yesterday.
It's a calico-muslin (calico was cheaper) of the Violet Blouse from Colette Patterns.
Although, I am unsure of the sizing, the front looks good.
But the back seems to pull and then fold a bit.
I don't know if this is because either,  I need to make a bigger size, that the calico is just too thick and not falling like lighter material would or it's just meant to be like that and who cares I wont see the back anyway!?!
Anyone have any suggestions.....?
Answers on a postcard or in a comment please!!?!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

First Quarter, done!

Can you believe that the first quarter of this year has passed? Well it flew passed me! 
she can quilt

Back in January I signed up for the 2013 FAL with Leanne and was fairly kind to myself with just four items on my original list. So how did I do!

My first finish was an Epi-Pen pouch for my son. I had cut out the parts and they had been put in a bag on my messy shelf and had gotten very lost, but they were eventually found not on the shelf!!! and put together!!
It worked, the son now uses it when it's party time or he's going to a friends. 

Next I finished my Happy-Go-Lucky in Summersville Quilt. I love this quilt, which the photos in this post will show!
This quilt is used so much, by all the family and is dragged from room to room by the children! 

Then I tackled my lone practice block into a cushion cover.
My Spinning Star of London.
I tried a bit of hand quilting on this! I'm not very good at it!

And lastly, for my fourth and final finish. My Granny Square cushion shown here.  

So I did get all my items finished but as I said it was an easy list! But I didn't want to set myself too hard a task. 
And I'm already thinking about things for the 2nd quarters list...........
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