Thursday, 3 October 2013

fabrics and a little autumn cleaning

So, you may remember a few weeks ago I had a spare bit of cash for fabric! This was because I'd put away some money to have quilt based on a longarm , but couldn't actually bare to part with the £80 it was going to cost. So I maned up and basted it myself and then had a little retail therapy to help my knees recover!!
And this is what I bought. 22 FQ's of Happy Go Lucky and a charm pack of Scrumptious from Maggie Anne on Etsy. The fq's are for a Swoon quilt for my parents Christmas Present and the charm pack is for me to pet!
After hours a while, the good people of IG helped me to pick some good Swoon pairing, with a few solids from the Stash Club thrown in
and I'm now working my way through cutting them up and into bags for a sewing marathon.
I have to say the cutting is taking forever, as I'm trying to be less slapdash than I normally am with the rotary cutter.  I've got five blocks chopped, so only another four to go.

But what has been taking up the time that I normally have for sewing, is clearing up! Last week there was a IG competition by Pink Castle Fabrics to show your stash and you could win a colour bundle. I took some photos of mine, but was mortified how messy I'd let my stuff get.
So after sorting the crap from the scraps,
buying some storage boxes and pulling everything out! I now have a tidy space, where everything is in the right place. 
For how long I don't know.
I also have discovered I may have too much fabric, but don't let my husband hear me say that, or maybe I just need more sewing time to use it up!!!! 
And heres a sneak peek of something I'm nearly finished.... some really dodge fwq and clover pen marks that I really hope will come out!

Not much sewing to show, but lots of prep this week!  I'm linking up with the lovely Liz 


  1. Love the Happy Go Lucky - it's going to make a gorgeous Swoon! And well done on all the sorting out, I really need to get mine sorted (I've been saying that for about a year now.....I think I"m going to have to buy more storage bins!!!

  2. You're not only an inspiration on the creative front, but also when it comes to being tidy (and also on the mothering front, but I should have mentioned that before the tidy part)!!

  3. There is a lot of cutting for Swoon blocks but it'll be so worth it. Visiting from Brit linky.

  4. Great organisation! My stash was like that once, but then I bought more fabric and it wouldn't all fit in! :) Your Halloween WIP looks interesting. Best wishes, Pjx

  5. Saying hello from Brit sewing linky. That is one serious sort out! Well done. I bet you feel much better for that too.

  6. Your Swoon blocks will be lovely with those fabrics, by not paying for the quilting it is like getting two quilts for the price of one! (I am very good at justifying fabric spend :) )

    Great tidy up too.

  7. Mmmmm I love your stash.
    Bet you feel a million dollars now its all tidy/organised/looking so fabulous darling.
    Thanks for linking up this week.

  8. Love your Swoon colours. Your before & after cupboard shots are hilarious! Yes let's not mention how many years of fabric we have to our husbands. We can never have enough!

  9. Your pairings are great and you do have a LOT of fabric. My stash is really small compared to most I think, I dream that one day I might actually get to the bottom of it!

  10. Heh, that seems fair to me, pressie for someone else, pressie for you... ;o)


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