Friday, 21 February 2014

And we're off…...

It's half term here this week and the weather is doing is usual British thing of making you think it's a nice day and letting you go out, only to throw an enormous storm above the park!
So, as well as playing weather roulette we have been keeping on top of lots of homework and building massive train tracks across the kitchen! But, sewing has been rather absent, until last night. I decided to get the first two blocks from the Sew Kitschy BoM by Kristy off the starting blocks!
Oven Mitts was Januarys block.
And February's block is Cookie Jar.
I've pulled a small pile of fabrics to keep a theme through the blocks again like last year, but I'm hoping to use lots of scraps in there too!!
I can't wait to see which block will be for March!

Paper Piecing Party

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Woodland Sampler ✓

I measured twice, ordered once and it worked!
My customised frame is here and the Woodland Sampler FITS!!!!!
I really love the finish and I think it looks perfect up on the wall.
I got a quote locally for framing and it was eye wateringly expensive and I'd rather spend the money on other stuff. So a search of the internet bought up a UK based company Picture Frames Express that made custom frames, reasonably!  
I went with a very safe white frame and soft white mount, as it is tricky to pick without the moulding samples to compare, but I think it suits it and with delivery it came to just over £35 which was half the cost of the local framers!!  
This is not it's finally resting place, I need to encourage the man of the house to put some nails in the wall. But it is certainly nice to see it finished and on display. 
And thats another thing off the 2014 FAL Q1 list!!! 
I'm 3 down, 3 to go! 

Finish Along 2014

Monday, 17 February 2014

Velcro is King!!

And snaps are crap!!!
That just about sums up my thoughts on fastenings, I came to that conclusion all by myself after spending a fair bit of time and money on snaps that won't attach………….

Anywoo, I am meeting up with some lovely old school friends today (and I am child FREE!!) and  one for them just had a gorgeous little boy (who I can't wait to snuggle) that I made the Special Delivery Quilt for. As this is the first time of seeing him and I really wanted to make another little present for him. I decided on dribble bibs.
I bought some bamboo/cotton towelling and dug out some cute boyish fabrics and after an IG vote, I pre-washed all the fabric and got making. They were a doddle to make.
I had pinned a few tutorials and used their measurements as I don't have a baby to hand to measure their necks.
I thought I might be banned from toddler group if I started measuring baby's necks…..
And then came the closure part.
TWICE, I tried to get these to work! And twice I failed, so with our meet up getting closer and the Prym Pliers being very elusive to buy near me, I have resulted to the King of Closures VELCRO! 
And it worked first time, good old sew in velcro!
Heres my model, Baby Annabelle sporting the two that are ready to be gifted.
The other two I'm holding back until I get the pliers and put the proper snaps on and then can post them off to the gorgeous little pudding. (Also hoping to gauge neck sizing too, with the finished ones!)
Did I mention I'm having a child free few hours to wander around Westfield with my friends…. I think The Husband is worried I might not return!! 

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Quietly Stitching!

Not much sewing has been going here this week!
My time has vanished over the last few days and I'm not too sure what on!!
But today I ordered my frame for my Woodland Sampler, so I decided I should get on and finish it up.
And I even ironed it for it's photo… well a bit. I think I need to dampen it and re-iron it to get those year long creases out of it!
I've also been quietly knitting away on a cardigan for Rose, it's called Granny's Favourite and I'm using the softest yarn.
I've just finished the yoke and am about to separate the sleeves, so maybe thats where my times gone?
So, heres hoping the frame looks good (as it's custom ordered and can't go back!!) and I get some sewing in this evening. I've got two paper pieced patterns printed off and ready to go.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Birthday Cushions ✓

After the mammoth sewing of those Economy Blocks, I felt I wanted a quick and easy finish for over the weekend! So I went for the easiest thing on my FAL list!

These two fellas needed quilting and then turning into cushions, without hardly any trimming in sight.
First up
This is truly a paper pieced pattern, I drafted the pattern for Finn on squared paper, then traced it, copied it and chopped it up for piecing. The children have told me it looks like it should, so that is a win in my mind!!!
And then his friend.

I must say he doesn't look very happy!
This paper pieced pattern is by Clare of Beeknee Hoonies and I found it on Fandom in Stitches.
I used lots of Kona solids making these, especially white, peacock, blue and sprout (I love that there is a Kona green called sprout!), with a bit of Sherbet Pips for the snowy sky backing. All of those came from my Simply Solid Stash Club and the massive hoard of peacock I seem to have accumulated, so this is definitely a stash busting project!
The backing I did buy and is Super Hero Words fabric by Minds Eye for Riley Blake, with more Kona Peacock (I think I must have ordered 10 metres instead of 1!?!).
They both have envelope backs and have finished at 16" which I think is good size.
I decided to machine bind them as they are for a boys 12th birthday and 12 year olds are not known for being gentle. But in the interest of honest sewing, machine binding was NOT easy for me! The seam ripper and I spent a fair bit of time removing the first few attempts and I had to admit that it wasn't going to be as neat as I wanted! 
And there might be a corner or two missed, but it's staying like that, as there was a few good corners too. 
And I am really pleased with how the stitches are fairly hidden on the front. 
Although I can't say I'll be rushing to machine bind a whole quilt…..
So that is my second finish from my Q1 list (and a present done a few days early),  just four more finishes to get done. 

Finish Along 2014

Thursday, 6 February 2014

And done!

All those cute/pesky/addictive Economy Blocks are together. Phew!
 In a bright, loud and fun 70"x70" quilt top!
With loads and loads of my favourite and some not so favourite scraps.
Would you like to see my backside?
I won't offer to show you it very often, but this one does have a particularly neat one!!
I know they say 'a bad workman blames his tools' well, this worklady is putting those neat and nearly perfect seams down to that brilliant Susie the Sewing Machine! I've never had such a clean and tidy quilt back! (I really need to do a proper review of her.)
I'm going to lay in a darkened room for a while get a few smaller things finished before I quilt this and I need to pick a suitably loud or calm backing. Might a have rummage in whats the hoarded stash before I buy backing.
But, I foresee lots of straight-ish quilting lines on it and I think this is going to be all mine once it's done!!

I'm linking up with the lovely Clare for her last Brit Sewing Thursday

Monday, 3 February 2014

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