Sunday, 31 January 2016

Cosy Toes: Part 1

I've got a few things off of my knitting needles recently and the first thing to share is my Rose City Roller socks, I am a little bit in love with them.
So much so, that I don't want to wear them incase I ruin them or wear them out!!!
They did take me ages to get finished, as I just let them sit to the side for so long untouched and I think thats because I really don't like knitting socks from the top down, I love the toe up way of knitting them (even though I do get a cleaner heal turn this way).
They fit perfectly and the yarn was as lovely to knit with as it looks, its such a pretty pink.


Pattern - Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner ...It's a free pattern on Ravelry 
Time to Knit - Far too long.... I think I started them after the summer!!
As I was taking these photos the eldest has just asked for a pair in a manly colour ( I offered him a pink pair but he wasn't keen) for him to wear around the house, so I might be casting on another pair soon and as I have 50grams left of this yarn, I do actually have enough for a second pair for me. 
But until then I will only be wearing these when I'm sitting on the sofa, to ease wear and tear!

Thursday, 14 January 2016

2016 FAL - My Q1 List

So, I'm giving the FAL another go this year, I completely dropped out last year half way through, but I've high hopes for this time.
Heres the list, I'm keeping it small and hopefully achievable, with only one repeat from last year (the rest I'm ignoring!!)

Butterfly Cross stitch
This needs finishing and then turning into a cushion, Rose has already claimed it when its done!!

Siblings Together Giant Granny Squared Quilt
All the charms are chopped up, I just need to get them together, quilted and bound.

Christmas Eve Rainbow Socks
These need about another inch of knitting and then casting off, quiet a simple finish so it should be an easy finish!

And lastly my one carry over, my very much loved but neglected Chicopee Swoon
All the blocks are made, I just need to sash and add a border and then quilt and bind it.

Not too bad a list I hope, just 4 this time.............I just need to get on with it now!!

2016 FAL

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Matchy Matchy

The Siblings Together Charity, we all know what an amazing job they do and we all know the quilt drive every year to get as many quilts to the summer camps as possible.
Well, the lovely Nicky and Maria have set up a blog and Instagram account to help quilters share what they are making, need or to donate fabric for someone else to turn it into a quilt.
Just before Christmas I saw that there were some charm squares up for grabs, they were in the lovely Lush Uptown line  and I thought they could be made into a great boys quilt.
I'm thinking of making a Giant Granny Squared quilt, keeping the charms the 5" size, Fiona gave me 76 squares and I've attacked my stash and scrap bags and added to them to make about 140ish in coordinating and matching fabrics. so now I just have to pick a background fabric.
I've been really taken by this cushion I saw on Pinterest, with a linen taupe background and I'm hoping that one of these Bella Solids will make a good match and make it nice and boyish! What do you think left, middle or right?

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

So long 2015 and thank f**k your gone!

So, that was 2015......................
I don't know about you but it flew, it kicked me up the arse, shook me around and definitely knocked me for six and I am very very glad to see the back of it.
It saw me ..............
Have my mum diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers, which truly shattered my world and I don't think we have still got our heads around it 11 months later.
Run (huff puff and stumble) an amazing 201 miles and completed my first half marathon in 2.5hrs.
Taken over most of the day to day running and all the bookkeeping of my family business.
Finally get a builder started on Operation Tipping Point the name for the new house as my husband thinks it might just be the final thing to send me over the edge!!
and I also fitted in a bit of sewing and knitting.

I fell head first into the wonderful world of swaps

This was what I made and I was so so lucky with what I received.

Quilts were a bit short on the ground this year, with two made for Siblings Together with blocks donated by lovely sewist and finishing my Tile Quilt

Then we had a bit of dressmaking for myself and Rose
Butterfly Emery dress and Lawn Scout Tee for me and a Liberty Summer Romper for Rose

And made a few odds and ends
At a glance pouch and my Grippy Christmas Stocking.
But I seem to have been quite a lot more productive with my knitting
I really didn't realise quite what I had made this year until I made this mosaic and I seem to have a thing for the colour purple with my knitting this year. With hospital appointments with mum, I found that knitting is just so much for portable than sewing and I've tried but I just can't get my self to love hand sewing, I find it such a chore and hospital are just not keen on me setting up my machine in there waiting rooms!!!

Anyone who reads here often will have seen that my blogging has been seriously slow this year, but I hope this post goes a way to explain where I have been and that I am still making and I think that along with my little family sewing and knitting has kept me sane this year and given my brain something else to think about for a few minutes.
So, heres to 2016. I really hope its a good one for family, making and having some fun!!!!!
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