Sunday, 20 October 2013

I've finally started.....

Last week I joined Making Christmas, with Janine at Rainbow Hare and Rebecca of Making Rebecca Lynne and can you believe it, I've actually started sewing one of my Christmas makes!
I grabbed three of my freezer bags of prepared Swoon cuttings and made some blocks!
This one,
Then No. 2
And finally No.3
I think this last one might be my favourite!!
I really love the blue with white dot fabric, even if it is making my eyes go a tiny bit wonky...
I'm pretty chuffed with getting these sewn this week, it's been a pretty busy week what with the beast only arriving on Wednesday and I only posted my Making Christmas list on Wednesday. Now I just need to get on and make the other six!

Nothing cleared off the list, maybe I should have started with a smaller project!!

Swoon Quilt for the Parents - ⅓ of the blocks done
Hootenanny Quilt for Son No.2
Doll's House Mat for Rose, I want it to go on the wall!?!
Christmas Table Runner
Polar Bear Cushion  
Christmas Dress of Rose

Have you started any Christmas making? Go and have look at all the other list that have been started!!


  1. WTG getting those blocks done :o)

  2. Congrats - you're off to a flying start! Those swoon blocks are gorgeous. Hope you get some sewing time next week :)

  3. What a cheerful blocks you made! It looks like good start!

  4. Geez - yet another post that makes me want to do Swoon blocks. Dammit! Don't you know how long my WIPs are??? You are killing me! This is gorgeous and thank you for linking up to Making Christmas/Halloween Edition. You are the ONLY ONE who listened to my instructions and posted the name of your project not the name of your blog. I really appreciate your attention to detail! xo B

  5. Great blocks Joanne looks like you are getting the hang of your machine alright!

  6. signed up but got no further with mine! Love these swoon block colourways but what is a swoon block? (keep coming across them in blogs but not sure what it means!)

  7. Haven't signed up and not even thought about anything Christmassy yet, other than maybe making my cake so I can feed it lots of brandy!!!!! Love your swoon blocks, it will make a delicious quilt that I'm sure your folks will treasure! x

  8. a swoon by Christmas - quite ambitious! it's looking great. I, too, love that little navy dot. i'm using it in my epp project. good luck with the rest of the swooning!


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