Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spoolin' Around

Just a quick post, as the sun is shinning and I feel I must drag the children into the garden to remember what it feels like!!!
But I really wanted to show you my Spoolin' Around block for the 'And sew on' BoM hosted by Kristy at Quiet Play.
This came together so quickly and I just love the spools!! I've tried to keep a theme of fabrics running through the three blocks I've made and I'm liking how they are looking together! 
Also, a small bit of how quilting and fabric have changed how I look at things. Whilst wandering around a show home at the Ideal Home Show on Friday I spotted this. 
Really bad picture, but there was a massive queue behind me and I could get any further over the rope! 
Spectrum in Pink from my all time favourite fabric line Quilt Blocks in a frame! My friends who were with me, thought I was barking mad as did everyone in the show home!!! But I was so impressed! 
Well thats my Easter Weekend so far, I'm off to the the sun may only last for 10 minutes! 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wip Wednesday!

Well,I've not really moved on that much from last week, Except to add things I want to start to my list!!
I have finished my Happy table runner, and am exceeding pleased with it! I think I might even have shown the postman!!!

In Progress
I've been faffing with layouts for the Giant Constellation Star since the Kona Ash arrived and I think I'm going to get chopping with this layout in mind!

And I've bought a pattern for a blouse for me!!
I'm hoping to get some time over the Easter weekend to make a muslin to check the fitting on me! And then I'd love to have a go at one in a Liberty print.

No progress
My knitting is still at the body stage this week, but I should get some quiet time over the Easter! Please!

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Monday, 25 March 2013

I'm so Happy!

Oh so happy!!!
I've finished my Happy Vine Table Runner and I could not be more pleased!!!

I love the fabrics, I love the curves and I love it on my table!
I've used mostly Pam Kitty Love fabrics and the pink flowery one from Tasha Noel's 'The Simple Life' and a blue circle one from '30's playtime' by Chloe's Closet. The binding is the most delicious multicoloured spot also from Pam Kitty Love, which I would love to buy metres of, and the stem is scribbles from Ed Emberley 'Happy Drawing'. I've backed it in a floral from Ikea which I seem to have rather a lot of!!
I went simple with the quilting and just outlined the leaves.
It was originally a harvest themed table runner from Pretty in Patchwork Holidays and had just 6 pairs of leaves, but I wanted to make it bright and fun and something to be used now and that wouldn't look too small on our table.
I added two pairs of leaves and it's finished up being 55"x17" and I think is sits quite well on our too white table.
It was the March project of the sew along on Threadbias. The sew along has really been great, lots of ideas and support and the projects are coming out so different to each other.
I'm not sure if I'm going to do April's quilt project yet but........ maybe just a mini of one of the quilts!!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

It's a Wednesday!

SO, this week I shall be mostly ignoring all wip's and starting new ones! Because I haven't got quite enough to be getting on with!
I finished my Supersized Granny Square cushion and to say I'm pleased with it would be a huge understatement!! I'm also quite surprised by the menfolk and friends that commented on it over the weekend and no, I didn't shove it under their noses asking for compliments!!

Happy (Harvest) Vine Table Runner
This is the March project for the Threadbias Pretty in Patchwork Holidays sew along.

I started it on Saturday and thanks to Katy's (the queen of curves and paper piecing knowledge!) comment I didn't use any pins in the making of those curves. She directed me to this video by Leanne and did it save me time and sanity!!! Although my sanity and patience were nearly lost, cutting all of those curves out with paper templates!!
Anyone who reads this blog regularly will know I am terrible at making decisions! I spend far too long over thinking things, so can you help me to pick a stem fabric? Please?
We have from top left, Moda cross weave, Summersville, Flea Market Fancy and all together.

Giant Constellation Star
I have been hiding these fabrics that arrived just after Christmas, as I think I've been too scared to cut into them.
They were bought to hoard make my eldest a giant star quilt and he has been asking when I'm going to start it, but I've been undecided (what a surprise!!) on what to use for background. Kona Ash, Kona Medium Grey or Bella Grey. I think I'm swinging towards the Ash but don't have a colour card or any around, so I'll just have to take the plunge. Any thought from anyone will be gratefully received.

Playful Stripes Cardigan
This has been a joy to knit of an evening, the pattern has been really clear so far. I'm nearly finished the body and am ready to cast on the sleeves.

It's great knitting it all in one piece as my sewing skills for knitted pieces is a bit dodgy.

No progress this week on my Little Lady Siblings Quilt, hopefully I will get it moving this weekend.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Reader and Curves!

I'm a little confused with all this google reader stuff, but I have decided to join up to Bloglovin and Feedly and see how it goes!
You can follow me by clicking the link below! I think!

You'll be sick of all these Bloglovin posts by lunchtime, but you need to do it to claim your blog! 

Today I am trying to sew curves!! I've read lots of tips, pins, pins, and more pins I believe? 

Wish me luck!

Friday, 15 March 2013

Super Stitched ✓

You know sometimes you plod away stitching at something for quite a few hours over too many months, put it down and forget about it.
Then add it to your 2013 FAL list so you have to get it done, work on it little and often, then an hour on the sewing machine to assemble a few bits (and nearly loose a finger!!) and suddenly it's finished.............. and then you squeal ....... very loudly ............ a lot!!!!
Well that happened yesterday, my Granny Square Cushions is finished and even if I do say so myself, looking flipping fantastic!!!
And it fits in with the house perfectly. It's bright, loud and very squishy!!
It's finished up 16" so is a great sofa size and is just as tactile as I wanted it to be.
It's from SuperSize Stitches by Jacqui Pearce and the pattern also appeared in CrossStitcher Magazine. It is cross stitched on 7-Count Canvas using Appleton Wool and feels really solid and not as fragile as other cross stitches I've made with thread on evenweave. I'm a massive fan of Jacqui Pearce's works and have made this and this from her patterns too!
I started this back at the end of October, but only did little bits of an evening and during the Christmas period it was completely abandoned for festive makes. It is the perfect project if you want something to make with little concentration while watching television!!
I did run out of two colours even though I bought what was recommended, but I might be a wasteful stitcher. I bought all of my supplies from this website, it is near impossible to buy Appleton Wool from anywhere else and it's a lot cheaper here than Anchor substitutes from HobbyCraft (In My Opinion!!).

I used jumbo pompoms that I had got from Spain as the trim. They are so cheap there, as they use pompom trim on all their costumes at Feria time. I send my mum with a list to the tiny tiny craft shop every time she goes away. Thats one way to help her improve her Spanish!
Although it was sewing the cushion together with the zipper foot to negotiate those damn pompoms that nearly lost me my finger, next time I mention pompoms and a cushions please feel free to shout at me!!
And then Sketch on the back, Lipstick flannel and Pool in regular quilting cotton with a covered zip.
So that the last item from this quarters 2013 FAL list, time for me to start thinking about what I've got hidden away to start the next list!!!
And I'm linking this project up to

she can quilt     Heart of Charnwood 

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Wednesdays workings

I finished the clasp purse for my mum in time for Mothers Day and she was actually quite surprised that I had made it.
It was a bit wonky, so I though she would have guessed it was homemade, but as she is my mother she has to love everything I make....right!!
I used a combination of lots of tutorials, but this one and this one were the ones I kept going back to.
I used a fabric I got from an IG stash clearance for the outer fabric, so I don't know what it is. It did have a Moda selvedge though! I lined it with Kona Carrot which is a really strong orange and perfect match to the small flowers. So brownie points for me from the mother as she got a CD and flowers as well!  

Today I am aiming to get this SuperSized cross stitch granny square into a cushion. I've bought the most amazingly soft Sketch flannel in Lipstick from Simply Solids for the back.
I really wanted the back to be as tactile as the front and am hoping this will do it! I am matching it with a strip of Sketch in Pool (which isn't flannel) and am planning on my using my new favourite method of a covered zip back, so fingers crossed will be finished by tonight!!

And lastly my Little Lady Siblings Together quilt blocks are all done. I now just have to decide on a layout and get them together.

I have also cast-on a Playful Stripes cardigan for Rose, but haven't gotten any photos of it yet!

So thats what I'm up to, what about you?
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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

How did I miss it!!!

Today my eldest Son turns 11!!
I feel like I blinked and I missed it! He has gone from a cubby cheeked toddler to a handsome boy!
And all I keep thinking is, slow down!
Happy Birthday to our darling Edward!! xx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WIP Wednesday

I have finished my Reverse Appliqué Pillow and can now move onto getting started on some new projects.

Granny Square Cushion
This is the last item on my FAL list for this quarter and I've finished can't finish the stitching yet as I've ran out of the light pink on the last square.
So, I might still make it into the cushion and then stitch the last stitches once the wool arrives!
I've been auditioning pompoms, but think I might splash out on some multi-coloured jumbo ones!?!

Mothers Day Clasp Purse
I've looked up several tutorials and have had a good read and have ordered my glue.
I cut the pieces yesterday evening and am hoping to get the sewing done on this today!
I don't know if to use the piping cord or not? Does anyone have any ideas if it's essential?

Little Apples Little Man/Lady
I'm also hoping to get started on sewing these pieces together this week. I've had them ready to go since last week or so, but other things have stalled me.
I using a pattern from Simplify by Camille Roskelley called Little Man, and it will be a Siblings Together Quilt at the end hopefully.
Well, thats what I'm tackling this week!! lets see what I can get done!

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Reverse Holiday Sewing

I have been joining in with a Sew Along over on ThreadBias which is tackling a project a month from Pretty in Patchwork - Holidays.
February was the 'Holiday surprise reverse appliqué pillow' which I finally finished on Sunday.
I'm really pleased with it, it has come out just like it should have!! I was very worried about the reverse bit, even though your following a line on the back I was still concerned I'd placed it wrong. And once its cut, it's cut! But, it all worked out perfectly.
I followed a few tips from the forum, like using white squares instead of nice greens on blocks that are covered (I can't waste fabric!!). A few people felt that the flap allowance on the back was too big, so I opted for a hidden zipper from last months pillow.
I couldn't get a copy of the template, so just measure the size of my finished green block and freehanded a half tree on folded paper, so it would be symmetrical.
It has finished at 19" and the pad I've used has seen better days, so I will get a new one before it comes back out at the end of the year.
I uses lots of scraps for the squares and Moda Crossweave for the main pillow. More Christmas scraps on the backs above the zipper and the Sketch in Spring for the binding and zipper cover.
For March the project is 'Harvest vine table runner' and requires sewing curves, HELP!!
I'm thinking of making this in spring green colours to be used now and not to be saved for Christmas, but we'll see.
I'm off to plan a Mother Day present for my mum, I might tackle a clasp purse!?!

Pretty In Patchwork Sew Along

Friday, 1 March 2013

February was....

a busy month for me.

I'm actually really really pleased with what I have got done this month.
I'm still to finish the Reverse Appliqué Pillow for the Sew Along on Thread Bias and get up to date with the Lucky Star Bom's!!
But they will have to wait now, as I'm waiting on tender hooks for an email due this evening to let me know if my eldest has got into our chosen Secondary School!!
I'm linking up with the fabulous Lynne's

Lily's Quilts

Paper Block Party

Just a quick post to show the paper pieced blocks I have managed to squeeze in before the end of February.
  We have the 'You little ripper' from Kristy's  'And sew on......' BOM
Then my January and February blocks from Katy's Everything and the Kitchen Sink Sew Along
Boxes, with still to be stamped label spaces!
Hanging mugs.........I love the mugs!!!
They were great to do and I'm so relieved I'm up to date on them, Phew!
I do still have my Lucky Stars to do, but I'm still fiddling with what fabrics to use on them!
So thats it, I'm now off to scramble together my February makes into a mosaic for Fresh Sewing Day!
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