Sunday, 30 June 2013

Posy Geranium #2 the zip!!

I've finally finished and photographed my Posy Geranium Dress for Rose!
It was the second time I've tackled the pattern, but this time I added a zip and that turned into a bit of a bugger!! 
But I persevered, even after a few hours moments with the seam ripper and am really happy with the end result!
I made the View A dress this time with the U-Shaped patch pocket! 
All the fabric are Posy by Aneela Hoey, I've used Ditsy in Geranium (!!) and Story in Geranium for the  lining fabric! That writing is so so cute! 
I bought both the fabrics from Country Threads and I think Rose has enjoyed wearing it today! 
Cheesy smile! 
And I think the insides look very neat considering I added a zip!!! 
I really really love this pattern and I think it is blinking good value for money! And will definitely be making lots more versions of the Geranium Pattern, as they are all just so cute and help Rose's summer wardrobe!! But I don't know if they will all include a zip.......
I'll be back tomorrow looking at what I've made in June! I'm a little worried it's not much........... 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Bare with bare with!! I may have a finish to post!

I am suffering an Internet meltdown and the modem has gone on the blink!!
So I am attempting to blog from my mobile!!
WARNING:  Blog post may be worse than normal and spelling is sure to be atrocious due to fat fingers and auto correct!! 
Although I have spent hours (I kid you not) on the telephone sorting it all out, I have managed to get some sewing done. 
I introduce my Sewing Book Pouch

The pattern is by Aneela Hoey from her Etsy shop.  (google Comfort Stitching Etsy I can't do links!!!) 
I used my very precious 'Sewing is Easy' by Alexander Henry for the cover. 
And inside for the pockets I used orange fabrics from my stash!
I makes a really roomy pouch. 
As you used a really really heavy interfacing it makes the pouch sturdy enough to stand on its own, even when filled! I really love that its not at all floppy!?!
It's holding my woodland sampler at the moment and some books, but I hope to take it to FQ retreat with my needleturn appliqué supplies in!
My other make for retreat that the modem meltdown has put the kibosh on, is my Aeroplane Bag.
My last bit of supplies arrived just as the Internet withered away! So I never downloaded the pattern! Does anyone know if I download the pattern to an iPad in a wifi spot, can I transfer it to my iMac? I'm a complete techno div!! 

Friday, 21 June 2013

I do love....

...a quick project!
And a quick and easy project is even better!
So after sitting on the pattern pieces for a few weeks I knuckled down yesterday and produced this.
A summer hat, whilst it was raining outside!! I think I should have made it waterproof!
It's the free Reversible Bucket Hat pattern from Oliver + S and even though I hate the curve bits it was a really quick make!
I used fabric I had already, Multi Polka Dots from Pam Kitty Love and Bouquet in Daisy from Posy by Aneela Hoey.
I made the medium for 3-5 year olds. Rose is 2½ and it's not got much growing room. But my children do seem to have rather large heads.
I'm planning another in red and blue and will definitely make that in the large.
One thing I really glad I thought of, was to use two similarly coloured patterns for the fabrics, as it would really show through on the bucket bit as there is no interfacing there.
And the best bit, the Husband came home from work and saw Rose wearing it and said "oh, you've bought her a hat! It looks lovely!" He didn't even suspect I had made it!

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wednesdays mess!

I'm busy busy cutting away this afternoon!
Firstly, I've cut out the fabric for a Project Book Pouch by Aneela Hoey.
I can't believe I've cut into my stash of Alexander Henry 'Sewing is easy', but it is something for me!!
I just need the super heavy interfacing to arrive and I can get on and sew that together!

Then this morning I saw a post  from Kristy at Quiet Play asking for testers for her Lego Character blocks and I jumped at the chance!
I've printed off the pattern, picked some fabrics and am raring to go!! Can you guess which character I have?
And lastly, my name tag has arrived form my secret partner and I love it!!!!
It was made by the lovely Sara and I had spotted it on Flickr, but didn't guess it was winging it's way to me! It also doubles as a needle case!! So clever!
I can't wait to wear it to FQ retreat, only a few weeks to go now!!  I'm feeling so excited, but so nervous!!!
I've been up to the post office this morning and posted my parnters tag off, hope it gets there safely!
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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Last minute Dad's day making...

Me, last minute, never!
Thanks to Boden having a THREE WEEK wait on shorts that I ordered for the other half, I've had to be a bit imaginative for some Father's Day presents......
I turned to Katy Jones new 25 Patchwork Quilt Blocks book to make a quick mug rug. With the absence of fusible web I had to ignore the perfect 'Stash 'Stache' block and make my favourite block (well it does have to go in my front room!!) Love Letter.
The block was really simple but so so clever and came together in no time. All the fabrics are from my scraps, but are mostly manly!!! I hope he likes it, if not I do!!!

Then thanks to Pinterest, I quickly printed off these brilliant forms for the boys to fill in.
I love seeing what children think about their parents! Although I did warn them to be nice!! Nothing about smells......
Are you making for Father's Day or buying? 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Telephone Tote!

Mr Postie came with my snaps and I was able to finish my Art Student Tote!!
And I bloody love it!!!!
It is mashousive, but I am a big bag kind of girl. This is it compared to my everyday bag.
I've tried little bags but I only end up taking a cotton tote or two along anyway as I can never get all my crap in them!!
It was a super super easy pattern, but as normal I did have to make a meal out of it!
I cut everything and made the pockets and straps on Monday afternoon, then on Tuesday when it came to putting the pockets on my eye was draw to the bottom pocket being an inch out of matching the main body of the bag, so decided to unpick it and faff with it until it matched!!
It only meant moving it a bit, but it took longer than I thought! But I think it was worth it in the end!
The plan is for this to be my supplies bag for FQ retreat, and I made the pocket sizes to fit certain things in.
Obviously, I will need oodles more in there for the classes, but I wanted to check the main things went in ok!
I have a feeling this bag will be used loads and I know it will be my hand luggage bag when we go away!
The pattern is a paper one by Anna Maria Horner and I got it from Pink Chalk Fabrics. There is no where in the UK that has this, believe me I searched, but their shipping for patterns is really cheap.
It is a wordy pattern and I did read it a few times through so I knew what I was doing next. I also went on a blog search and read everyones tips. The only change I made was to use medium interfacing on the body and straps instead of lightweight. I will definitely make this bag again, and if my mums reaction yesterday afternoon was anything to go by, I think the next one will be for her!
I used Melody Miller's Ruby Star Sparkle in Ring-a-ling for the body, that I got from Annie at The Village Haberdashery and the lining is Tula Pink's Lazy Stripe in Mist which was a sale bargin from there too. The straps are the sparkly Michael Miller's Mirror Ball Dots in Luna, I found these on The Little Fabric Patch from the UK and they have a few colours and very cheap postage!
I'm off to pet and stare at my new bag, now I just need a bag to carry my sewing machine, in handmade style to retreat..........
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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wednesday's work on hold!

Today I shall be sitting by the front door awaiting the postman (he is no longer worried by me doing this!), staring at my nearly finished bag!!
My so nearly finished Art Student Tote!

This is because I can't find the washers for my magnetic snap and therefore can't finish my Art Student Tote!!! I have a completed outer and lining just waiting to be sewn together.
After discovering yesterday afternoon that I did as I thought have magnetic snaps, but no blinking washers, I gave myself a good kick and ordered another lot. Why I kept them apart I don't know or maybe a small child has found a crazy use for them or God forbid I've put them in a safe place! (One day my safe place will be discovered and I will find all the things I lost and probably be buried under the enormous pile of stuff!)
But, while I am waiting for them to be delivered, (and that maybe some time knowing the UK postal service!) I shall be flicking through my two new books that gave me a brilliant surprise on Monday morning. 25 Patchwork Quilt Blocks by Katy of I'm a Ginger Monkey and Simply Retro by Camille Roskelley.
I just love preordering on amazon, I ordered them ages ago and had forgot they were due to be dispatched! It's like getting a present!
Fingers crossed, I might have this finished by Thursday or Friday and I will not start another project in the meantime!!! Promise!

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Fun Fun Rose Bunting!

I seem to be on a finishing roll! Well for small projects at least!
After sharing with you on Wednesday my R for my bunting, I got on and made the rest yesterday!
It was a really really quick project, probably helped by the fact that she only has four letters in her name!!!
The pattern I followed was Fun Fun Holiday Bunting by Jeni Baker from Pretty in Patchwork Holidays and although the pattern shows you Merry Christmas, there is a chart for all the letters in the alphabet.
My skills at sewing really small 1.5" squares is not great! But I discovered chain piecing and that really sped things up. It has also made me realise that my ¼" foot is a making my seams bigger!!
I've hung it up in her room temporally, as the man of the house is supposed to be putting up some prints for me. But, I have been waiting a year, so I won't hold my breath!!
I need to learn how to use a drill.......safely!
I think this would be a brilliant baby present and yet again proves that Pretty in Patchwork Holidays is not just a Christmas book!!
I also finished the lanyard for my FQR name tag secret swap, I went with Purple pearl bracelets, but I forgot that important?????
If not, it's all ready to send off next week!

I'm off to bake a few dozen cupcakes for a friends party tomorrow, but what I really want to be playing with is this.......
Sparkles!!! But, that will have to wait for Monday!!!! 

Pretty In Patchwork Sew Along

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Coasting along!

I really promised myself that I wouldn't blogishly commit to joining in with any more sew alongs, especially weekly ones. As it takes me a week to pick fabrics for a project, let alone finish them!!
Then I saw Lindsey's post reminding us about the Zakka Along 2.0 using Patchwork Please, a book I had! But, still I resisted as I needed another project like a hole in the head and then I saw Penny's post for the Bell Pepper Coasters and I lost all my self control!
Yes, I'm weak willed and very easily influenced by pretty fabrics and projects!!   
After a perusal of the pattern, I realised I could use scraps, therefore making this a useful project!!
Like sewing housekeeping and I dived straight into my scrap bags and produced these!
I loved that the templates for this project were actual size, therefore no trying to get to a photocopier! They were together in no time!
I used green rid-rac for the stem instead of the brown felt as I didn't have any.
I'm not sure if I'm going to be joining in with every week, but I do love each and every one of the projects in there.
Someone tell me no!!! Please!!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Wednesday's workings!

So, I've got a few little projects on the go and a few that I'm positively ignoring!
But, this weekend I got on and tackled the name tag for my secret partner for Fat Quarterly Retreat!
I have never been in a secret swap, the only swap I've entered into was where both my partner and I were to swap directly with each other and it was a Jubilee themed swap so I had a good idea of what to make and buy and we could email each other if there was any questions.
But, this secret squirrel business is tricky!!!
Anyhoo, I stopped fussing worrying and got on with it!
I just hope I've done ok! and that they like it!! 
Today I need to tackle the neck strap and I'm thinking of more of the pink running stitch fabric!?! 

I've been plotting my bunting for this months Pretty in Patchwork Holidays sew along. 
Pretty In Patchwork Sew Along
I've not joined in for the last 2 months as they weren't items I wanted to make, but I'm thinking some pink bunting with a certain little ladies name on it for her room!  
I've already had a go at the R and it was really easy! I thinking of a different pink fabric for each letter! Thank God she's got a short name........

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Giant Constellation Star ✓

I've finally finished and managed to get some photos of my Giant Constellation Star Quilt!
It has turned out brilliantly! even if I do say so myself! 
Even after all of my backing and basting issues!
I bought a bundle of Constellations from Stash Modern Fabric over the Christmas holidays and then started the quilt in March.
I followed this tutorial here, the actual piecing of it was a breeze! I just dragged my heals getting it finished so added it to Q2 of my 2013 FAL List!  I quilted it very plainly using straight lines evenly spaced out.
I used Kona Ash for the background and Moon Phase - night for the binding. The backing is Kona Peacock with a strip my favourite Ikea Britten Nummer fabric.
I did add a small border all around the star and after washing it has finished up at 69"x72".
It is for my eldest son, who is 11 and he loves it! He really wanted me to make him a quilt and although I did steer him a lot towards the Constellations fabric, he picked which quilt he wanted it made into. (After a bit of browsing on the Brit Quilt group on Flickr.)
I used some handwriting lines fabric from Gumball's First School Day to make a label and just embroidered him a little note.
For an 11 year old boy, he was really pleased with it and it has had pride of place on his bed all weekend!
Son No.2 has now put in a request for his own quilt! I have enough to make another star, I could just change the background fabric......... we'll have to see if he is as easily influenced as his brother!
Thats 2 of 4 ticked off this quarters list! I'm not sure how much further I'll get with the other 2! 
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