Thursday, 31 October 2013

And Sew On ✓

It's a bit like waiting for buses at this blog! You wait ages for a finished and then two come along at once!!
Anyhow, let me introduce you to my And Sew On wall hanging!
These blocks are from the BoM that Kristy designed and held on her blog. She is the queen of paper pieced design and is a bit of a speed sewing whizz too!
Each month Kristy released a pattern gradually getting harder and I have to say I was a little imitated at the 'Sewing Sanctuary' and 'I like a Big Stash' and I did put them off and fell behind. But, I got the paper piecing bug back and finished them up this month and they were not half as hard as I had imagined them to be.
Then I concentrated on getting them together in to a top and adding the details.  I had tried to make sure that each block had some orange in it give them a running theme, so they would play nicely together.
I embroidered all the threads on the blocks, the needle on the machine and a spool on the 'Cut it Out' block.
I also added some steam to my tea, but it's tricky to photograph.  
I did have a sizing mistake on May's 'Keep Calm and Press on' but I added a small border to two sides to make it up. And now have a wonky iron cord!?!
I also have a bit of upside-down fussy cutting. 
I concentrated so hard on getting the writing in the handle, that I didn't check the placement of the piece! Oh well, it has all taught me something!! 
And lastly, I added a little note on the binding to give me a reminder of a brilliant BoM!  Yes, I am going to keep playing with the alphabet on the new machine!!!
It's hanging above the computer in the kitchen at the moment, for everyone to see, as I don't have a sewing room, I just take over the kitchen. 

The Details
Pattern :  And Sew On Bom by Kristy @ Quiet Play
Size     :    32" x 32"
Fabric :   All from my stash (except the painters canvas that I ran out of and had to order an emergency fq for the floor!) Ikea britten and Kona orange School Bus for the backing and the binding is Sketech Charcoal, which I hope frames it. 

I had a brilliant time making these blocks and it really pushed me to try complex paper piecing, thanks to Kristy for designing them and encouraging us all the time. Everyone is linking up their projects from today and I can't wait to see what people have made with their blocks!
Kristy has also posted some ideas for next years BoM and I can't wait to get started! 

Sorry for the photo and words heavy post, but I'm really so pleased with it and the family have stopped listen to anything fabric related. 
This was on my Q4 list for the 2013 FAL and so that is 2 down 4 to go!! 

I'm linking up with the lovely Liz & Clare for 


  1. This is fantastic! I LOVE everything about it! Have you entered it in the Bloggers Quilt Festival?

  2. I absolutely love this, it's stunning. You must be really proud of the end result! Pinning it to my quilts board right now! :-)

  3. Fantastic finish Joanne, I still have the last block to do so can only admire your fortitude in getting these all finished in time for the link up!

  4. What a beautiful wall hanging ! Don't worry about your rotary cutter text... it surely must be made for a Left Handed quilter!! LOL
    Love the spool of thread embroidery in that block, too!


  5. Beautiful! I like your colour choices and the embroidery :)

  6. Oh Jo it's fabulous and I love all the little details on it (especially the steam on the tea cup!). What a great way of brightening up the kitchen :) x

  7. Your embroidery touches really add pizazz and character. I love the bright colors and how the blocks color coordinate.
    Your idea to machine embroider a label in the binding is brilliant! I will use that idea in the future for sure. Thanks!

  8. This is stunning! Makes me want to try my hand at paper piecing.

  9. Its brilliant - love the machine embroidery too and all the extra little touches you added to it.

  10. It's great! Well done for catching up and putting it all together (I'm still two blocks behind!).

  11. Fabulous! Love the bright colours - so glad you stuck with it even for those tougher blocks at the end. Your wallhanging looks brilliant!

  12. Well done. I like your color choice and the orange touch in there.

  13. So beautiful - love all of the little details you have added too!

  14. brilliant - I love the colours you have used.

  15. Looks amazing - I love how all your blocks coordinate with each other (wish I had done that). Well done!

  16. it looks fabulous! The touches of embroidery are perfect, I was going to add embroidery but didn't in the end.

  17. It looks great, nice crisp colours against the white. I learnt a few things along the way too on this one! Love your fabric on your cupboard door and your added embroidery. I must not forget to embroider in the needle on my machine!

  18. well done!! That is a happy, colorful wall hanging!! I have a sewing room room but never sew there; i take the kitchen over too :)


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