Wednesday, 23 October 2013

WIP Wednesday!

I haven't played along with WIP Wednesday for ages, but thought it would be good to keep track of where I am this week! Especially as it's half term next week, and I may not get anywhere near my sewing machine!

Hootenanny Quilt! 
I really cracked on with this on Sunday and added a bit more yesterday!
As long as I lay the blocks out, they sew together really quickly! Although I can't help feeling like I'm being watched!!!

Swoon Quilt
I have added another block to the mix so the count is now up to 4.
Nearly half way there..... with a pile of HST's ready for trimming and ironing

Kids Clothes Week
I had great hopes for KCW this time, but my planning was rubbish.
Last night I worked on this corduroy Hopscotch Skirt and just need to fit it to Rose for the elastic sizing and do the buttonholes.
For the life of me, I cannot get a decent photo of the colour of this cord! 
From sewing this, I now know corduroy is so so bulky!!! And that I must trim trim trim those seams!
Then this morning, this delicious lot of fabric arrived from Cloth Kits, which I have hopes to turn into a Book Report Dress.
So, thats my crazy week! Send me luck or cans of Diet Coke, I think I may need it!
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  1. Oh, your owl is looking great. The blues are perfect. Go, go, go! :)

  2. Love the owl! So cute and great fabric choices. Have a wonderful week with your beautiful projects.

  3. Your owl - Sweet! And great progress on the Swoon. Love your fabric choices!

  4. Your owl and swoon are just beautiful!

  5. I love your owl. Are you using all Lizzy House fabrics with solids for it? Can't wait to see him finished!! The background choice for him is perfect!! Your Swoon block is just beautiful too.

  6. Another great Swoon block Joanne! Love the cord skirt too.

  7. Your swoon block is lovely! Really love the colors, they work well together!

  8. The owl quilt is going to be darling! and good job with your swoon block.

  9. Hey I've just started cutting my fabrics for the Hootenanny quilt! But I can't decide on a colour for the backing, I'm worried chocolate will be too dark, but I love your slightly bronze coloured backing, would you mind me asking what colour you've used?

  10. I'll send both! Should have started with the feet if you didn't want to be eyed up though ;o)

  11. Ha ha! You are being watched! I love that owl quilt pattern - your version is just adorable. And I love your Swoon block. I really need to get going on mine!

  12. That owl quilt is fantastic! Love the swoon too. Good luck!

  13. That owl friend is adorable!

  14. What a great owl quilt! Love all the colors and fabric you are using.

  15. Unusual owl. It looks great. I love that butterfly fabric.


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