Monday, 26 August 2013

Optimistic or delusional holiday sewing?!?

I've packed a few things to keep me entertain during our holiday. I have to have something crafty with me to do!
But, as I have been putting things near the cases my husband has asked if I'm going on the same holiday as him, as he told me 'we do have 3 children to keep us busy!!!'

Anyway, should they be nice to each other and spend 5 minutes playing I'm taking......
a bit of knitting, in the form of three scarf kits that I got half price and are destined to be Christmas presents for Godmothers!

last years holiday EPP, that needs to be appliqu├ęd onto backing.

Next is,
this years EPP project, Triangle City by Katy Jones from the gorgeous Love Quilting & Patchwork Magazine!

And finally,
a bit of beach reading! I used to be crime book fan, but I need something I can pickup and put down without losing the whole plot, due to those three children!
So, do you think I'll get any of it done or will I return with it completely untouched?
I'll let you know how I get on!! 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Pink Portholes Pillow!

I've managed to get the porthole blocks that I made in Lu Summers class at fqr into a cushion cover!
I was determined not to let them sit around as I have quite enough wip's that I'm ignoring!
It is a 'completely from the stash' project!
Out to Sea scraps from the wonky star quilt I'm making (see above wip comment!!) and pinks from the Sew Solid Crew Stash Club.
Chevron and Sherbet Pips that I had been hoarding for the envelope backing and Hot Pink Shuffle by Riley Blake that was in my fqr goodie bag for the binding!!
It's finished size is 20''x20" and is already in use in front of the tv! It will look great with the wonky star quilt, when I finish it!
The lady of the house loves her virtually free cushion.......... and you would never guess that I'm not that keen on pink!!  

Monday, 12 August 2013

The avoiding the packing drawstring bag!

I have a todo list for holiday and normal family stuff as long as the garden, but instead of tackling it and getting us some travel insurance, I started chopping into some fabrics from my scrap pack that I got from Katy - I'm a ginger monkey. I had been thinking about those animals from Happy Drawings being something for the lady of the house.
I decided that we needed a drawstring bag to carry around the duplo and animals that I normally pop in an IKEA freezer bag!
And I think the toys will appreciate their upgrade!
All of the outside fabric was from the scrap pack and I've still got lots left.
The lining was some left over Makower UK grey solid that I'd used for the lining for my skirt and the bias tape, I had from randomly in my stash!
I followed the pattern by John Adams from Pretty in Patchwork - Holidays for the drawstring gift bag, but just enlarged the size to 14"x15".
I really think I've had my moneys worth from this book!! I just keep going back to it for patterns!
It was a really simple make and I fear everything may now need a drawstring bag........ but first I have to sort out that insurance! 

Monday, 5 August 2013

When you can't find a skirt you like?

And your tired from a full on weekend at FQR and your sister is visiting and you've agreed to a shopping day in Oxford Street, what do you do?
Well if your me, you feel very tired and grumpy that you can't find any skirts you like in your size and sulk head off to the haberdashery department to comfort yourself with fabric! And find that Shelburne Falls is on clearance and declare that you will make one! (it must have been the FQR effect!)
So, I bought a bit and came home happy and then came the search for a skirt pattern.............
I knew that people had said good things of Simplicity 2451 and I'd seen some lovely versions on Flickr, so bought a copy and then waited!
For what I don't know, some time, inspiration, the children to briefly stop bickering (please dear God is it only week 3 of the holidays!!)
I pretended it was for lining inspiration, but I got that at the LQS with a grey solid.
So, with no more excuses I got on and made a skirt.
With bright pink pockets, with fabric from my Simply Solids Stash Club pinks bundle!
With lining, that wasn't in the pattern! Woohoo!
And that I really love!
I was lacking a photographer, as the boys had been held hostage by the Xbox and a 2½ year old with a camera wasn't ideal, I had to take some myself!
In hindsight the toddler would have done better than me and NO, I won't be wearing the top tucked in when I wear it out, but I wanted to see the fit! Which I think is very good, even though I'm definitely having a #fatterthanIthought moment! (I've pinched that hashtag from Moira!)
I messed the zip a bit, but I'm ignoring it, so you can too!
So, the pattern Simplicity 2451, I found it very easy to  follow and gave you lots of option. I went with Skirt D, but made it slightly longer and without the chain!
I did make a muslin to check size and where I would add the lining bit, so it made the final skirt easier and quicker to make.
I would say it took a few hours to get it made and in a wearable state.
I will 100% definitely use this pattern again, in fact I can see my wardrobe being full of these skirts in several colours. I mean, it has pockets.... every skirt needs pockets!
So in total this skirt came to about £16 with fabric, lining, zip and thread. Which I think is pretty good, to get something that fits and that I like. 
I'm already looking for fabric for No.2, hopefully an Echino that will not need lining.........  

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Adios July!

I have had a blast in July the FQ Retreat, lots of days out with the children and it's sunny!!!  But, it seems I didn't make much!!
Aeroplane Bag, Needleturn Applique block and Pink Portholes. 
And I'll have even less to show next month, as I'll be away from my machine for most of it!

I'm trying to get a few bits finished, like this Spring Carnival epp from last August!
Tiny red circles, white or grey?
It's destined to become a cushion, any thoughts on which background fabric I could quilt it too?

I'm off to try and find a cool place and read/see everyone else's July makes at
Lily's Quilts
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