Friday, 25 October 2013

Speedy Book Report!

I've surprised myself today and managed to get my Oliver + S Book Report Dress finished!
I chopped all of the pattern pieces out on Wednesday evening and made a start sewing them together last night!
And today managed to complete it! That to me is a pretty quick make especially as I only ordered the pattern and the fabric on Tuesday!
Whats more I think it looks pretty good too!
And I am so so chuffed with the straightness of the pattern of the insects, I really concentrated on the lines when cutting....for once!
She was channelling her inner zombie! 
My model was a lot more corporative today and was more than happy to pose for photos! Maybe she thought the chocolate button rate would be higher today!!
This is the third Oliver + s Pattern I've used and as with all the others this was so clear and straightforward. The only change I made to the pattern was to use a plain cotton for the facings instead of the linen/cotton and corduroy to reduce the bulk.  See, lesson has been learnt from the skirt!
So, the details, 

Sparkly buttons by Coats  

I use a little over ½ metre of each of the fabrics, which were both from Cloth Kits and I have to say I called them to check if the cord I had picked would match the Echino (it's so so hard to know if the shade is right online!) and they could not have been more helpful. Even when I picked the pink Insects in my online order, the lady rang me back to check and confirm that I still wanted the green and blue. Whoops. 
But, word of warning the cord really really runs! 
This poor colour catcher really had to work hard! 
And I didn't run the machine on an empty rinse, so my Insects have a slightly blue hue! But thats my own fault, and you live and learn.
So, that is my Kids Clothes Week over with, until the next time and I vow to be more organised than ordering patterns and fabric on the Monday and Tuesday. I have been massively inspired by the Flickr Group, there are some seriously talented sewists out there! 

kid's clothes week


  1. Wow! That was quick, you are like a sewing dynamo at the moment :)

    Great dress, the straight line of insects is most impressive. Glad to hear your model was more co-operative this time around too.

  2. Way to clothe that child! ;o) Loving that she's chanelling her inner zombie :oD

  3. so quick - but absolutely love it!

  4. Hello there, I really like this version of the dress. I have the pattern traced and ready, but I'm having a bit of a fabric debate. What would your thought be of tana lawn on top and baby cord on the bottom? I'm worried that the lawn will be too soft to hold the cord. Your opinion would be much appreciated!


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