Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner!!!

Well not a chicken dinner, but I have two winners for my blogiversary giveaways!
Firstly I would just like to say Thank You for all the people who left a comment and all the new followers! Hello!! * waves excitedly through the computer!! Hope you stick around!!

I'm a bit shocked by the 143 entries, I was wondering if I'd have enough for a fair giveaway!!!

So, enough of my waffle!! Mr Random did the honours and for the supplies and magazine he picked……
Who was ...

And for the handmade he picked……         


Who was

Let me know your addresses and I'll get the supplies off as quickly as possible and I get started on the cushion for you Helen! Last chance to pick a favourite!!!!

Sorry Blogger was being a a bit of a shit! You should be able to see the winners now, although it won't let me line them up nicely!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Minnie Mouse made it to the ball…..

Well the fancy dress party!!
It may not have been completely finished (lining unhand sewed and loose threads aplenty!), but it made it out the door and through the night, so it was a winner to me.
And someone asked me where I bought my dress from, although they could have been asking to avoid the outfit!!!!!
I used The Emery Dress pattern and 4 metres of cotton polka dots fabric from myfabrics.co.uk my belt was a black patient belt from M&S.
I made the size 18 because of my waist measurements and the fact that I wanted room as it's quite a fitted dress. But it was MASSIVE, I had to chop an inch off each of the back centre seams and take in the side seams too. I think next time I will definitely make 16, if not the 14 for the amount I chopped off!
I know I look deranged!!! I'm not really, this was just a 12 year old with a camera!!!!
I made View B without the collar and then shortened the sleeves to elbow length. I was petrified of the invisible zipper, but it was actually a breeze to fit.
This dress is seriously a comfortable dress to wear and be seen in, also it has POCKETS!! A dress with pockets is a god send and I think an invaluable day dress as they can hold so much. 
So, I will make this dress again……..YES (I'm already searching for fabric online) and I know this will be a well used pattern for all season dresses, I just need a few more hours in the day for sewing and a good fabric for my next Emery Dress!

So this is my completely Selfish Sewing Week make, the fabric arrived on Tuesday and with a lot of sewing I was wearing it by the Saturday, with everything else ignored and still sitting there waiting to be tackled!!

Selfish Sewing Week: Fall 2014 || imagine gnats

And there is just a few days left to enter my giveaways here! Go enter…… NOW! 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Wip Wednesday

Things have been travelling at a crazy rate around here for the last few weeks and they don't look like slowing down! I feel like screaming "STOP I wanna get off!!!" but children's and the families social timetables and work stuff wait for no man nor mother, so I've just got to crack on with it and hide for a bit of sewing time in the middle of the night!!!

In one of these late night sewing session, I managed to piece the main top of my Fabulously Fast Tile Quilt that I started in Amy Smarts class back at Fat Quarterly.
I still need to get the borders on, but I love how it is coming together and it was a first time for me to sew quilt blocks on point. Chain piecing with a jelly roll does certainly make for a fast quilt top, if you exclude all of the time it has sat in my wip box over the summer of course!

And sitting at my sewing machine now is a major rush job of the dressmaking kind. I'm off to a fancy dress party this weekend and I have to tell you I HATE fancy dress for anyone over the age of 18!! OK maybe 8!!! So after hours scouring the internet and hating every skimpy outfit I found I decided to make myself a non-skimpy/might be able to be used again as a dress kind of one.
So, armed with The Emery Dress pattern and metres of polka dot fabric this is what I've made so far. I still have to add the zipper, sleeves, a bow and hem it, but I'm pleased with it.
Any invisible zip tips are welcome, as I need to tackle that this afternoon.
Can you tell what character I'm going to be……. as a clue my ears were dispatched from Amazon yesterday!!!

And my 3rd Blogiversary Giveaway is on over here, if you would like to enter.

I'm linking up with
 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

3 years a Blogger - 2 GIVEAWAYS!!!!!

So much has changed since I made that first blog post 3 years ago, it took me ages to pluck up the courage to hit the publish button and I wondered if anybody would read it? Would people follow me!! Oh the pressure and all I wanted to do was share my makes, as I had no friends that liked knitting or handmade stuff.
I didn't really have any grand plan with how the blog would be and I think it has changed and evolved with me and my making, moving from just crochet and knitting to a lot of sewing and quilting and still a bit of knitting.
I think I pretty much blog as I speak, which may not create the best grammar or flow to a post, but it is just how the jumble of words come out of my mouth/fingers and get onto the page in the short space of time the children/house/job/cleaning/oh and sewing gives me!
I made loads of things, some have been shockingly bad and some have been really shockingly good, I've made clothes that I actually love wearing out and have had some lovely comments on.
I've been inspired to try, make and do so many different things by this lovely blogosphere and more importantly I feel like I have made some real friends, some that I have had the pleasure to meet at FQR and some that I would love to meet, but for now email will have to do.
So, anyway, what is a blogiversary without a giveaway!! I am offering you lovely lot, for sticking around here listening and commenting on my waffled posts the choice from two prizes.
drum roll please……….
This months copy of Love Quilting & Patchwork Magazine
 And these  f8th's.

Or No.2
A handmade cushion, made by me.
Now I might be slightly bonkers, but I've loved seeing the recent spell of handmade giveaways, so I was going to let the winner pick a cushion for me to make from any of the ones I've churned out over the years, heres a small selection of them or you can hit the Cushion tag to see more!!
I've made quite a few!

Of course, you could say, they are rubbish and can you make me one like this……… giving me some guidelines of size, theme and colours and I'll try and make you one to your description!!!!! 

To Enter 
For one entry all you have to do is leave a comment telling me which prize you'd like, supplies or handmade and if it's the handmade one, which cushion you would like.

For a second entry, leave me another comment letting me know your a Follower old or new I don't mind, just let me know how you follow,
either by Google Friend over there
or Bloglovin here
or by email 
or by another blog reader?!?

So, two chances to win. I will post anywhere in the world that has an address, just please please please make sure I can contact you with an email (if you are a no-reply blogger it can be really hard to track people down, if you don't get replies from any comments you leave here, you might be a no-replier, as I always try and email a reply to comments!!)

I'll leave it open until 1pm next Tuesday, the 30th September 2014 (UK time), good luck and thanks for sticking around for the last few years!


Monday, 15 September 2014

Color Affection Shawl

There has been a lot of knitting about here, but not much sewing since the children have gone back to school. We have all been trying to get into new routines and I am doing a lot more work from home and an extra day, which has meant that sewing has been neglected. But, I've been knitting away at my Color Affection Shawl.

I started this the day I went off to Fat Quarterly Retreat, on the train and then didn't pick it up again until we were off on holiday.
I managed to get quite a bit done on the plane, after a call out on IG if anyone had tried to take circular needles on an aeroplane recently, I was told by 3 people yes and then printed off British Airways policy (they say YES).
Knitting, wine and pretzels! 
I even met a fellow knitter at the baggage X-ray, as my bag was stopped because of the needles and I was told I couldn't take them on, but armed with my printout I sent him off to query it with a manager and she came back saying yes of course I could take them on and could she see what I was knitting as she loved to knit!!!
I kept knitting away at it since we got back and finished it last week and it has been very much in use around my neck these last few cooler days.
I used a shawl pack from Cuddlebums Yarn, which I bought from their Facebook page, the yarn is lovely and soft and was lovely to knit with.
I don't know if I've done something wrong, but my shawl is a lot smaller than is should be and I've loads of yarn left over, but I'm not frogging it and starting again!!
I used Soak for the first time to wash and block it, as I was given a sachet in out FQR goodie bags and it was really nice to use, especially as you don't have to keep rinsing all of the soap out like I normally have to with a wool wash liquid. 
I liked knitting this pattern, although there is a LOT of knit stitching, but it was great for not having to concentrate and just being able to knit in company or in front of the tv. 
I've already cast-on my next project, but this time I've gone for a nice chunky wool and a lace pattern, which is knitting up so much faster than the last two projects in 4ply! 
I've been keeping my Ravelry page more updated recently and trying to stick with picking a project off my favourites list, as theres enough on there to keep my fingers entertained for years to come!
Oh, and did you spot the photo bomber! If I'd have asked him to pose he would have laughed at me. 

Saturday, 13 September 2014

OWOP 2014 - I did it!

One Week One Pattern is over and I have managed to complete it, by wearing something Washi for the seven days!
So, here's my last 7 days outfits.?]
I have loved the challenge of finding cardi's that go with them and trying to make them look a little different, so the mums on the school run don't think that I lost my case on the way back from holiday.
I have learnt that:
● I really can stick to a capsule wardrobe, but that I need more tunic tops so I can wear jeans, which are my staple item of clothing. Although, I have felt a lot better dresses over the last week and on Thursday I had three people (not my friends, children or husband and they were NOT bribed!) tell me how lovely I looked all before 9am, so I dread to think the state I must turn up to the school in normally!!
● I can now use the timer on my new camera, as I couldn't keep waiting for someone to be home to get a pic. 
● I must remember where I store winter things away in the spring as the last two days I have been a little chilly, as I couldn't find my tights bag on Thursday!
● My autumn/winter wardrobe is empty of anything handmade, other than lots of scarfs and shawls.
● That I need to buy the Washi Expansion pack to make some different looking Washi's.
● That I really don't like wearing the same thing twice in one week!!!!

Looking through all the #OWOP on Instagram and twitter has really made me want the The Emery Dress pattern, I know I am a little late to this pattern, but I think that might be my next one to tackle and conquer!

Thanks to Handmade Jane for setting the challenge this year and running some brilliant giveaways, I've loved wearing handmade for the last 7 days, I wonder if I'll have a better handmade wardrobe for next year! 

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

CatNap Washi Tunic makes 4!

I love butterflies, I love fabric I love sewing, I LOVE bias binding and I think it's very safe to say I love, love, love the Washi Dress pattern…..
But  after 3 dresses and with OWOP coming up I knew I needed an option for a chilly day, so it was time for me to shorten my well used pattern and make the Tunic.
And I'm so pleased I did!
I kind of knew what style of fabric I wanted to make it from, so armed with my Paypal account I went online Fabric shopping, but decided to stick within the Sale fabric.
Luckily enough M is for Make had put this pretty Catnap fabric in the sale and with only 2 metres being needed I've got a top and a bit of left over fabric for £20!
I added piping again, making my own from some 2mm blind cord, the yummy yellow bias binding from Frumble and my zipper foot.
I was so chuffed when I'd finished it and still need to pinch myself that I made it!
I ordered the fabric on the Wednesday, it arrived Thursday and was washed, pressed and cut by the evening, then made on Friday and worn on Saturday to work!!  Not bad going! As Friday was Rose's first full day at nursery I felt like it was a bit of a distraction and treat for me to spend it making myself something.
I than let a 12 year old and my husband loose with the camera to get a shot of me in it…… I think they need some photographic guidance.
After about 20 photos that was the only decent one. 
Anyway, it's day 5 of OWOP and I'm doing ok, tomorrow I'll need to repeat an outfit and the mums at school must be wondering if I've lost all my clothes, but I don't care, I''m enjoying wearing handmade. 
Although I think I might have made my last Washi for a while….unless I buy the expansion pack, I do like the look of that bow neck and that collar….. 

Thursday, 4 September 2014

The Handmade Fair - I'm going!

Would you say you are a multi crafter?
Do you have just one hobby?
Do you love to learn new crafts?
And do you like to meet craft mad people?

Myself, I'm definitely a multi-crafter, a craft flitter or a Jack of all trades and Master of none!!!
I love all sorts of materials to work with, although one week fabric might be my favourite thing to use, the next week yarn will be, I just LOVE to make things and also to have a good excuse to hoard pretty things.
Which is why I was jump up and down, run around the bar in Spain H-A-P-P-Y, when I received an email offering me a ticket for The Handmade Fair with Kirstie Allsopp!!

My crafting love is just to transform nothing into something........ Be it a pretty piece of fabric into a quilt or a dress, a ball of wool into a shawl ..... I just love to be doing something that gives an end product that can be used and enjoyed.
I'm a bit of a knitter, a sewist (although auto correct wanted to call me a sexist! I'm not!), an occasional crocheter and lover of all things tactile! I also love to bake, cook and generally make a mess, but above all, I love to learn new skills and meet crafty people, which is why I'm so excited to be going.

Anyhoo, I'm lucky enough to be going on the Friday 19th and this is what I'll be doing

10am Skill Workshop Seasonal Christmas Crackers
1pm Super Theatre with Kirstie and Annie Warburton
3pm Grand Make - Gift wrapping with Jane Means

If you have been around this blog for a while you will know that I'm Crackers over Christmas, so I can't wait for the Cracker and Gift Wrapping Workshops!! 

And I can't wait to join in with Kristie's plan for #worldpomination

All you have to do is make 3 (or more) pompoms, tie them together and attach your name on them and you can either bring them to The Handmade Fair or drop them off at your nearest Hobbycraft, so you don't have to go to take part! Kristie Allsopp is showing you how to make them with a Clover Pompom maker, but I have had brilliant some success with a fork and my hand!
My 3 pompoms
I know I'm so so classy, there are loads of Pompom tutorials and projects here! I may have gone a little pompom pin crazy, but I think I will be treating myself to a maker to make some larger ones.

So, are you going?
I believe that tickets are going quick (according to Twitter) and at only £29 for the 3 workshops/talks I'm not surprised, especially as it's set in the gorgeous Hampton Court Palace. Also there are lots of stalls selling handmade stuff and supplies, plus a food tent and I happen to spot that Edinburgh Gin is selling there and I'm rather partial to a G&T, especially from an artisan maker that makes Raspberry Gin, thank God I'm taking the train.
If you've not got tickets, I know for a fact a few well known bloggers are having giveaways this week for tickets to attend! So have a google!

Not that I've got the time on Friday, but the Prima Make & Take Theatre looks brilliant too! Wish I had the time to take the Christmas Wreath Workshop, it's never too early to be contemplating the C word is it???

Please note: I have been kindly given the ticket to attend, but I am genuinely really excited to be going and can't wait to share all about it! 

Monday, 1 September 2014

Adios August!

After a lovely holiday in Spain, we returned with just a few days of August and with work and washing I've not touched my sewing, so here are the makes I blogged about in August.
Some were made at the beginning of August, but others were made back at the end of July, but I never got to share them!

I'm really sad to be saying bye bye to the summer, but I can't wait to get back into a proper routine and get near my sewing machine! I'm also really looking forward to OWOP which kicks off on Saturday!!!!!

I'm linking up with the lovely Lynne's

Fresh Sewing Day

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