Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Catching up

What a busy weekend we have had celebrating the wonderful Queen's Jubilee!! We had dinner at my parents on Sunday, a small BBQ on Monday and watched more TV than is healthy so we could see as much of the pomp and ceremony as possible. I also spent far too much time on twitter and Instagram trying to keep up with all the goings on at the Fat Quarterly Retreat! Wouldn't you just love to have spent two whole days learning new sewing skills and getting to meet people who love fabric and sewing as much as you do? (I know I would have loved to have been there, but hopefully next year!) I have also missed blog posting and reading because not only have I not had much spare time but also the computer is having a 'moment' and wouldn't work!!
Anyway, I have managed to start a new knitting project. It's called Edie's Flower Top from Debbie Bliss Eco Family book and is knitted in Eco cotton using a style called intarsia (the knitting of the devil!!), this is my slow progress so far
This is how is should look when I've finished
But, I have to confess it is not a relaxing knit. I'm having to make sure that I can concentrate on it and focus on the chart and counting! I have to work with a small ball of each colour for each of the motifs and twist the yarns when I change colour. If I don't pay enough attention or have a small glass of wine I end up with a mess like this.
Unfortunately, there are no projects for in on Ravelry yet and I always find peoples notes so helpful on there! I've already made a few mistakes but I'm not frogging it as it took so long!! So, this first panel will be the back and the mistakes will add to the learning process and it is looking gorgeous.

I have still been plodding along with my cross stitch which I started back in March.

I've still not moved any further on my hexagon blanket, I will finish the border but want to make sure I'm really happy with what I pick.
And finially, (If any of you are still with me) I finished yesterday with a fantastic surprise in the form of a Tweet from Rachael (@sewrayme) letting me know that my mini quilt playing card has won a prize in Jenna's Play! competition....Yippeee!! Mr Random picked me to win a $25 voucher for The Intrepid Thread shop WooHoo!! A great end to a great weekend! 
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