Thursday, 30 August 2012

Back to reality!

So, the holiday is over and it's back to reality with a large dose of washing and rainy weather, which is not helping to dry it!!!
No.1 son's passport arrived the day before I flew (thank God!!), even though the IPS Service were still saying that it didn't have a printing slot!! But we had a fabulous time down in the south of Spain, we ate far too much and really enjoyed some family time.

I did take away a few projects to work on, but didn't spend as much time on them as I hoped, and I didn't want sand to get on them. The plan was to finish a few WIP's I'd forgot about and to start a new English Paper Piecing project called Spring Carnival by Katy.  (No photos yet)
I mentioned before I went away about the pouch I'd made to keep the EPP safe but I never got the chance to share it.

The hexagons on the front were my first attempt at EPP and are a bit rough if you look too close, but I'm really please with the finished article. I didn't follow a tutorial for the pouch, just worked on the size of the hexagons and how they fitted on the front. The newsprint fabric is from a range called Crabtastic and I got it from The Village Haberdashery, and the other fabric were just scraps from other projects. The zip was my bargain buy in a local shop for 50p and ended up being the perfect match.
The last few days have been spent, when not at the washing machine or iron.... gathering school uniform and shoes and making sure we're ready for next weeks return to school.
No. 1 son is going back into year 6 (Arrrggghhh!!) and No.2 son is going into the juniors, so I'm feeling a bit daunted by the year ahead. The boys couldn't careless and are just looking forward to getting back to their friends.
I was lucky enough to win a book and get some rather happy mail while I was away and once I get some pictures I'll show you my treats.  I'm off to grab some lunch and settle down to catch-up with some blog reading. 

Monday, 6 August 2012

Pezzy passport holder and problem!

We are due to be heading off on holiday this week and have the small problem of No.1 son's passport still being absent!!! It was sent off 3 weeks ago and is a renewal so should have been a fairly easy affair. But.... it is sitting in an office in Peterborough and is still awaiting being checked!! I have been stalking the IPS by email since last Tuesday (still haven't had a reply from them!!!) and on the phones since Thursday. But no one will put me through to the Peterborough office until tomorrow, which is the day it has been officially sitting in their office for 3 weeks!! Everyone I have spoken to on the phone has been really lovely, but not much help. I leave on Wednesday with the baby but The Husband and the boys fly on Saturday!!  So I have been panicking!! I've not slept since Friday properly and I bet I been hell to live with. So in this moment of worry my husband asked (told me before he locked me out)  to go and take it out on the sewing machine.
I needed something to concentrate on and I have seen the most wonderful passport holders on Instagram by Amber at One Shabby Chick and was overjoyed when she made a pattern available for sale.
It was emailed through on Saturday and I spent longer picking fabrics than it did to make this.
The pattern was a dream to follow and really distracted me. The strap it still awaiting a snapper which I only ordered on Saturday so should be here soon.
The pattern is for two sizes, so you could make it for four or six passports.
Theres a pocket on the back with I've stuffed our E111 cards in.
I really, really, really love it!!
I used Pezzy Prints in multi pez in red by American Jane  for the front and lining and several different London fabrics by Makower UK.
I also made a pouch yesterday to keep some hand sewing in on holiday, which I hope to share tomorrow.....if I've not gone into complete meltdown!!
P.S. Sorry I haven't replied to the lovely comments on my last two posts, it really does mean the world reading such lovely words xxxx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Purses Away!

Way back in January I made a Resolve to Sew and along with my main aim to make a quilt I started to build a list of Bookmarks on my computer of patterns I would love to try. I hoped to be able to push myself and tackle things that scared me. Blogland is such a wonderful place to see so much inspiration and every time I've seen something I'd like to have a go at, I added it. This list ranges from zip pouches to clothing! 
As this list has grown (massively!!), I noticed there was a large amount of  bags especially the 2-4-1 tote bag and several Keyka Lou clutch bag patterns from Michelle Patterns. But I have felt that my sewing skills were still a little too beginnerish to tackle a bag. Then I saw all the amazing purses and reviews that were part of the Purse Palooza. This, and the fact I needed a navy bag to match a dress for a evening out gave me the kick I needed to have a go. 
I picked a simple clutch purse from Michelle patterns and picked some fabric and last Saturday cut out all the pieces. Sunday I plucked up the courage to sew it together and I kid you not it took less than an hour!. The instructions were fantastically clear and it all came together perfectly. 
At first I wasn't going to add a button as I didn't have any that suited it, then I saw several on the Flickr group that looked wonderful with the button.
Post-button. (The buttons a bit wonky, but I'll alter that this week)
Its the perfect size for a night out and fitted in all I needed phone, purse and Oyster Card.

The fabric is Navy Sailboats from Anchors Away by Dear Stella and is from M is for Make
and the button was from RayStitch.
After the initial worry, I really enjoyed making this and think it would be a really good gift idea. Watch out Christmas makes!!
So after this success, the 2-4-1 tote is next on the list of bags to tackle and I will be using Katy's pattern review to help me. I just need to decide on which fabric!

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