Friday, 29 May 2015

Scout Tee for me!

Changing of the seasons aways makes me think about what my wardrobe is lacking and as always this spring, like every spring it is seriously low in tops. Especially tops that can cross from everyday school run, to throw on a necklace and be a smart top with jeans for dinner with friends.
And as luck would have it, back on boxing day when The Village Haberdashery was having a sale I bought the Scout Tee pattern, knowing that it would be a good basic pattern to have in my handmade wardrobe armoury! But, like everything else, I didn't have the right fabric to make one straight away, so I put the pattern on the shelf and promptly forgot about it, until my Spring wardrobe strop. A quick flick through the internet and I found some pretty lawn from Simply Solids to have a go with and here it is.
I bought 1.5 metres of the lawn and as it's 150cm wide I have quite a bit left, I can see very pretty infinity scarves in my sewing future!!!
Instead of the bias binding from the same fabric I decided to go with some ready made that I had in my Box of Bias that I've hoarded from Frumble Fabrics, in a similar colour.
Ignore the very wonky stitching!!!
I chopped this all out on a Friday night, whilst waiting to go and collect the teen from a party and with Olive the Overlocker running next to my sewing machine I had the tank part of the top together in no time. Leaving the sleeves for the Saturday, I reckon I got this together in a few hours, with just the bias binding giving the only swearing moment. I chopped the shop bought one the same as the pattern size, but it was too short so I had to cut another slightly longer, don't know why!?!
And I had it on by the Sunday!

The Details
Pattern - Scout Tee by Grainline Studios size 16

I made the size 16 which was what my bust measurements fell into, but I think I could make the 14 next time as there is lots of room. The Husband might have said it's not the most flattering top and quite baggy around the middle, but I'm pleased with anything that covers my "3 pregnancy's and likes food and wine too much belly!!!" thank you very much.
Anyway, it is a massive hit to me, as I have literally washed and worn it a handful of times over the last two weeks that is has been made. It's so comfy pretty, I just need to cut out the next one.....
I can't wait to turn those hearts into a top, once half term is over and the children are back at school. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

The story of Rose's Enormous Striped Sweater ✓

Are you sitting comfortably, then I will begin.
A long long time ago, way back last Spring or Summer I saw a gorgeous striped sweater in the Debbie Bliss Magazine that would be just perfect for Rose and I bought the yarn straight away. I then promptly forgot about it!!!
In January I opened up a sewing box in the front room to look for something completely different (stitch markers I think)  and found all the yarn for it, so gave myself a stern talking too and got knitting..........and although the pattern was a joy and the knitting very easy, I have the attention span of Dory and got tempted by lots of pretty shawl patterns (I've knitted 3 and a bit shawls in this time!!!!)  so the jumper was knitted here and there at clubs and swimming, when I needed easy no thinking knitting.
And then there was the that moment when Boris ate the pattern, there was tears, tantrums (all from me and a bit from Boris when I wouldn't let him finish eating it!) and lots of guess work on the pattern also, which slowed me too.
Then in April with the back and front completed and the sleeves started I added it to my 2015 FAL Q2 List to give me the much needed kick to finish it. And finish it I did...........
And I love it, BUT.......
Knowing how slow I am at knitting garments and that Rose is fairly tall I made the 5-6 years size and........ is ENORMOUS!!!! Gorgeous, but far far too big for my little lady at the moment and probably for a while!!

In hindsight this project taught me quite a few knitting lessons, the first being to keep the pattern away from the dog.
Secondly, to use the measurements and knit to fit!!!
The next is that I can now drop a stitch several rows down and fix a problem without frogging rows and rows of timely knitting.
And lastly I have finally learnt to join knitting pieces properly, thanks to YouTube. I always used a blanket stitch with the pieces right-side facing (thats the sewist in me), which gave a messy and bulky finish, but I have discovered that with knitting it's all about having the right-sides out!! It gives such a neat finish.
The details:

Pattern - Striped Sweater from Debbie Bliss Magazine Spring Summer 2014
Yarn  - Debbie Bliss Eco Baby in White 01 and Royal 35
Size 5-6 years old

So it will be packed up with a anti moth packet until next year and then I will have a handmade knit all ready for 2016, I'm so unorganised!

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A knit, knit, knit update

Since my sewing marathon getting the Siblings Together quilt tops assembled I've not sewed a stitch! I need to get some backing and wadding for them, which is on the list of jobs for this week. But, what I have been filling up my free time with is knitting, it's so portable and needs so much less equipment than sewing (I know I should try EPP, but I'm really slow at that!)!! And with a weekend away, with a long car journey I managed to get a few wip's nearer to completion.

I really ploughed away at my Canopy Shawl this weekend and played yarn chicken and lost massively.
I have added another repeat to the pattern and have run out of yarn with all of the applied border to go, thats 4 skeins all gone.
I'm blaming my being away with no scales, rather than my stupidity for thinking I would have enough.
So, I'll be off to Loop on Friday in the hope that they have another in the same dye batch.... cross your fingers!

Yesterday I spent a fair bit of time sewing together the Striped Sweater for Rose, it really reminded me of why I love knitting garments in the round, knitting seams are my nemesis.
It's been soaked and is now drying, I think it may be a little too big, but better that than too small, which it should be for the amount of time I've been knitting it!!

And lastly, as I was in limbo with the canopy shawl, last night I cast on another Pebble Beach Shawl. The pattern has been updated with two bigger sizes and I had enough in my stash to make the medium.
The camera is really having trouble capturing the colour of both this yarn and the purple for the canopy, but it is a really vivid orange. I gave my last Pebble Beach Shawl to my mum, so this one is earmarked for me.
So, thats what I've been up to, I've also been spending far too much time searching the internet and Pinterest for Scout Tee ideas. I've got the pattern and just need the kick to make myself one!!  

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Sorbet Churn Dash Tops

Weekends are very full in this house and generally pass in a blur, I work on a Saturday and then rugby training and games for the eldest takes up Sunday, but being a Bank Holiday weekend (and without a hint of rugby) it gave me a full two day weekend and a real chance at getting some sewing done.
Yesterday I managed to turn these......
into this.......
which I finished yesterday.....
and this
which I just joined the last few rows together this afternoon.
So thats two quilt tops ready for backing fabric and basting for Siblings Together.
Don't worry if you don't see your blocks, I'm going to be using a strip of blocks on the back of each quilt.
This post gives me another chance to say thank you very much for every single block that has been made and posted to me, I really think these are going to be brilliant quilts. 

Friday, 1 May 2015

April Makes

Yet another month of 2015 has whizzed by in a blur of activities, with not much sewing. I honestly feel like I was just typing March's makes a few days ago!!\
Anyhoo, heres what I produced this month.

I still haven't shared the amazing mini that my partner sent to me, but I feel like it needs a post all to it's self.
Here hoping I get near my machine this weekend, with the bank holiday Monday I've got a bit of a chance.
I'm linking up with the lovely Lynne's

Fresh Sewing Day
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