Wednesday, 30 January 2013

WIP Wednesday!!

So, this week I got my backing pieced for my Happy-Go-Lucky in Summersville, I chose the spots as they were the easiest and I'm in a lazy mood at the moment! Then on Sunday got it basted and hoped for quilting inspiration, but none has struck!!
I'm thinking to try and fmq (my dodgy version!) this quilt, using the cream thread on the blocks and the red on the borders, but I'm unsure if this will work!?! Or if it is too big for only my second attempt at fmq? Any suggestions are gratefully received!

The Epi-Pen pouch has moved along slightly, my son has picked some new fabrics as the other freezer bag still hasn't been found!
He's narrowed it down to two different Type fabrics for me to pick from. I've just got to get a zip and get on with it!

Thats it really, on the knitting front I've started a hat and the socks for the Next Step Sock KAL and have done a few rounds on the Cross Stitch.
Nearly there!

I'm pleased to say Pete the Penguin cushion is finished but nothing else this week.
I've got a list of things I want to start, but have promised myself no more quilts can be started until that one is finished and off the list.
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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Socks away!

Any of my earlier followers (if theres any left!) will know, before I came completely addicted to fabric, quilting and sewing I really loved knitting and crochet. Unfortunately, a toddler who loves to pull needles out of knitting and unravel crochet chains slowed me down for a while. So woolly makes have been very slow over here.
Until I saw that Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch was hosting a Next Step Sock Knitalong (NSSKal). I had made a couple of pairs of sock last year, but both were plain and the second sock was a bit slower in coming along than the first. So I decided to jump in and try something a bit different. Two at once!
I ordered Socks from the toe up, picked a pattern and settled in front of YouTube for some assistance!
And this is where I am!
The cast-on read as a very frighting experience, but actually was ok and I'm ready to start with the pattern.

Pattern : Dead Simple Lace Socks from Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy D. Johnson

The yarn was not bought especially, but sock yarn that I had in my stash. I'm trying not to buy more wool when I already have a considerable stash of it!!!
I hope to update how I'm getting on and link up to Sarah's blog each week.  

                                                                                KAL details now on the blog!!!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Introducing Pete the Penguin!

He is finished!!
And we all kind of love him!!
A running joke with our family is whenever anything is going wrong we use the penguins saying from Madagascar "Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave!" And he is really reminding us of this! 
He's from the book Pretty in Patchwork: Holidays and I've made him as Januarys make from the sew along on Threadbias. But I can definitely see the other penguin and polar bear being made before Christmas. He came together really quickly and I loved the different way of making the eyes. It makes him seem so much cuter!
I used Sherbet Pips Skipping Squares in Aqua by Annela Hoey for the background as I felt is looked like snow falling and Happy Drawing, Scribbles in Grey for the border.
I didn't make the smaller block for the back zip panel as my printer was on strike (and still is!) and I wanted him finished this week. Instead went for my old favourite red and white polka dots and some more scribbles for the zip cover.
I've never made a cushion with a covered zip, but it was surprisingly easy and helps to cover any of my wonky topstitching!! I will use that method again.
Februarys make is the 'Holiday surprise reverse appliqué pillow' which I was keen to make when I first got the book but ran out of time. So I can't wait!

                                                                  Pretty In Patchwork Sew Along

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Penguin Progress!

It's freezing here and the snow does not close my children's school. The head teacher has the school open in all weather, so that has resulted in a few slippery school runs so far this week for me!!
And, I have only been able to move the car today, as our road turns into an ice rink at the first flutter of a snowflake! The local teenagers have been using the road for sledging!!
Anyway, I've been able to get some sewing done this week under the pretence of using the fabric to keep warm!
First up Pete the Penguin Cushion (as he has been named in our house).
He is from the book Pretty in Patchwork and is the January project for the sew along on Threadbias. He is very cute and came together really well, but......... there is a bit of black sticking out where it shouldn't be, on the right side of his head! Also he is the wrong way around, according to the photos in the book. I was so preoccupied re-reading the instructions as to where I went wrong flipping him that I didn't see the extra bit. So it's staying, and kind of makes him look like he's tilting his head. I hope.
All I have to do today, is get the back together and bind it.
Should be finished by this afternoon!

My Happy-go-Lucky in Summersville quilt top is together and I went with the red borders.

I just have to piece a back.
The numbers fabric is from IKEA,  but is a few inches to narrow. So I could either use a spotty strip down the side or piece a strip with leftover Summersville fabric.
I think I'm feeling lazy and will go for the easy spotty strip, which do you think?
It's curently hanging on the kitchen wall and is really making me think that some kind of hanging should go there!.
I'll have to have a think on that and convince The Husband.
I've still not got the Epi-pen pouch done and I'm having printing issues (it wont work) so can't have a go at the Everything and the Kitchen Sink sew along. I will give the printer a swift kick and hopefully will be able to have a go at it this weekend.
Thats what I'm working on today, as well as keeping warm.
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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

WIP Wednesday!

I've made real progress on my Happy go Lucky (From Simplify by Camille Roskelley) in Summersville quilt over the last few days.
I had already made 26 of the 80 blocks back in the summer and on Sunday, whilst the menfolk were watching the football I got the rest done. Last night got them into rows and added the sashing.
I even had a go at appliquéing the monogrammed block, it didn't turn out too back for a first attempt!! As long as you don't look too close! And now have four extra blocks for ANOTHER cushion!!
I've just got to add a 6" border around it, but am not sure which fabric to use.
I auditioned a few ideas and think I have ruled out more Summersville, as just too busy.
I did think the Kona cotton Bone, but I'm unsure now I've uploaded the photos.
Which do you think goes best?
We have had fun with a small but forceful cleaning crew crashing the photos this morning.
She decided the mess needed her instant attention!

I've still not found the plastic wallet with the cut fabrics for the Epi-Pen pouch, so my son is trying to twist my arm to use some Type on one for him! I know I'll find it as soon as I cut into something else.

Oh, and I may frog the Brigitta wrist warmers and make another Honey Cowl. It's so cold here at the moment and those wrist warmers are too long and not very practical, they are nearly reaching my elbows!!
Thats what I've got in progress today, I hopefully will have a completed quilt top by next week.

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Friday, 11 January 2013

Finish Along - My first quarter list

I watched the finish along last year from the sidelines, but this year I feel I need to join in to get some of my starts to finishes!!! So I am jumping on the Finish-A-Long wagon which this year is being hosted by Leanne

she can quilt

First up, to turn this spinning star block into a cushion cover.

Next, I started this Happy-go-lucky quilt from the Simplify book by Camille Roskelley in the summer with my Summerville Jellyroll, everything is cut and I've got everything to make it, I just need to get on with it!!
I still love it as much as when I started it but it just kept getting put to the bottom of the pile.

Also, I've had a cross stitch from Supersize Stitches on the go that need to be finished and also turned into a cushion pretty quickly.
After de-Christmasing the house, I've got a fair few cushion pads that needs pretty fabric coverings and this will be perfect for one of them!

And lastly, I've got a zip pouch all cut out and ready to go for my sons Epi-Pens. I haven't got any photos as I can't find were I've hidden safely put the plastic wallet with all the bits in!!

I know it's only a few finishes for this quarter, but I have a rush of birthdays in February and March so thats enough and thats without a few other projects that I haven't even started yet................but they are sure to be added to the next quarters list!!! 

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fabric winnings and a early bird sew along!

I may have mentioned one or a million two times that my tree skirt won a prize in the Sew Seasonal Blog Hop and I can honestly say that I didn't read to much into the prizes when I downloaded the patterns. I was just chuffed to be getting a bunch of amazing paper pieced patterns for free and when I did link up my project I never thought it would be picked.
But it was, and I was lucky enough to win a fq bundle of Joy by Kate Spain from The Intrepid Thread!
I was already an admirer of this line and had used a few of the prints in the tree skirt and had made my Vintage Holiday quilt using it.
So when it arrived during Christmas and New Year I was so excited....
And two panels!

Julie from The Intrepid Thread had emailed me before she sent it out and I asked if I could add a tiny, small order in with it and heres what I added!!!
 A bundle of Type
And some Guising! ( I have been desperate to get my hands on some of this!! Still a few more to look out for! )
Due to a couple of fq of Joy going missing Julie sent me the Guising for free! What an amazingly generous person, I was just ecstatic to win any fabric and honestly would not have known or minded if anything was not there!!
Now, I did have this Christmas fabric all bagged up for a lot later in the year, but........ Mary emailed me about a Sew Along on Threadbias for the Pretty in Patchwork book and you know I'm a huge fan of this book. I loved making the Read Between the Lines cushion It's only one thing a month, how achievable is that?!? And how ready for Christmas would I be for next year? Or am I mad?!
Answers on a postcard please.

                                                                        Pretty In Patchwork Sew Along

Saturday, 5 January 2013

New Year Sewing!

Towards the end of December,  I saw a few block of the months clubs/sew alongs that I really wanted to join in with. As the Husband was still off for a few days I got to make two of the blocks last week.
The first one is And Sew On from Kristy @ Quiet Play. I loved making the Christmas blocks she designed for the Sew Seasonal  blog hop, so I knew this sewing themed BOM would be perfect.
January's block is Measure Twice.
I have used all scraps for this, and after reading Mary's post I was careful about the placement of my tape fabric!
It was a super easy block , but I made it tricky by using a directional fabric for the back. Lesson has been duly learnt!! You can get the pattern for this block on Craftsy  for free until the end of the month!

The next BOM that I'm ready excited about is Lucky Stars BOM! by Elizabeth of Don't call me Betsy! 
We got sent out a practice block before the January block and here is mine.
This is not my fabric choices for the main star blocks, but I raided my scraps as I wasn't ready to cut into the real thing. You get patterns for 2 block sizes 12" & 6", I made the 12" as I thought it would be a good cushion cover size. The pattern was so clear and really easy to put together, I can't wait to get started on January's block, but I'm holding off until the little people are back at school on Tuesday.
There a few other things that I'm hoping to join in with, one cute and cross stitchy (which I'm still waiting for supplies!), another paper pieced sew along which is kitchen themed and looks very interesting (also scary as theres the option to draw your own pattern!!!!) and maybe something to help me finish some of my abandoned projects from last year......

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fresh Sewing Day!!

Happy New Year everyone!!
I hope you spent New Years Eve's evening just the way you wanted! I spent it in my pyjamas watching the TV with the family! Exactly how I wanted to!
After yesterdays 2012 mosaic you might be sick of seeing my makes, but here's what I made in December.
A fair few presents were made this year, lots of Christmas sewing and a bit of selfish knitting, a Honey Cowl in the gorgeous Fyberspates yarn!
I'm really looking forward to the challenges of 2013, and all that it might throw at me! I'm also rather excited, as that clever Father Christmas only went and bought me a ticket to the Fat Quarterly retreat! All that hinting didn't fall on deaf ears!

I feel so scared as I don't actually 'know' anyone who's going, but I'm sure I'll have an amazing time and that no one bites!!!

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