Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Sorbet Churn Dash Quilts for Siblings Together ✓

By the skin of my teeth I'm getting my last finish of the quarter. You may remember back....................ages ago I asked for Churn Dash blocks so that I could make a girls quilt for the Siblings Together Summer Camps.
Well I was very much delighted with the amount of amazing blocks I received, just over 120 of them, from as far afield as America and Germany and of course an awful lots from closer to home. Then back in April I added these to my Q2 FAL list to get me moving on putting them together,
Well I can safely say they are together, quilted and washed ready to be sent off to the charity just in time for the summer camps.
I asked for the blocks to be from a colour palate of sorbetish pinks, purples, yellows and turquoises so they could be the girly ones and you guys really didn't let me down.
The Pink One. 
The Yellow One.
I used a strip of blocks for the backs with good old Ikea nummer, sorry if your blocks are on the back, some of mine are too!! 
I quilted them diagonally though the middle of the blocks, simply as it was the quickest way to make sure they would be ready. 

The Details :

Pattern - Churn Dash Block by Allison at Cluck Cluck Sew used with her permission
Size - 60"x70"
Binding - donated by Lynne at Lily's Quilts

So all they need is they labels which I need to ask Catherine for, these labels are very kindly printed and donated by Spoonflower and Catherine keeps them safe and distributes them all to us. Spoonflower wrote a lovely blog post here about Siblings Together and I might add they are my blocks on their site!!!! ARRGGHH!!! 

So thank you very very much for all you amazing people who took the time to make blocks with your time and fabric. Without you, these quilts would not have been made and would not be going to the children at camps this summer, giving siblings within the care system a hug in a quilt that is theirs and theirs alone. It really is an amazing community that we belong to, have a look at these posts for the lovelies that donated blocks. 
So that goodnight to this quarter and June from me and my helper!!!
See you tomorrow for my monthly makes!!! 
2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

My Canopy Shawl

Blogging and sewing has been a bit meh! at the moment, I've really struggled to get my sewjo and blogjo going recently! But I have been furiously knitting every chance I've got.
And this is what I have to show for it
The most cosiest, softest, largest shawl I've made, which also happens to be the hardest shawl to photograph too!!!
I started this shawl back in April, while on our Easter holiday and have slowly ploughed away at it and can honestly say I have really enjoyed knitting it.
The pattern was written in both written instructions and chart form, which for me was brilliant as I'm not a great chart follower, my eye wanders from one line to the next. I find that written instructions are easier to pickup from, when I have to drop the knitting and deal with real life.
Instead of the three repeats of pattern I decided to go big and added another repeat, which made it massive, but perfectly massive!! A real proper shawl.
I was petrified of the applied border, but after watching this You Tube video, it was actually really easy peasy and gives a really different finish.

The Details:

Size - 200cm wide x 100cm long

That is my third shawl of the year finished and I can't wait to get wearing it, if I keep it for myself and not as a present.
Oh what to do...
Be selfish or not.....And the irony was not lost on me that I finished the largest shawl l've made on the hottest day we've had so far!!! 

A small note, there is only one shawl, but the photos have come out in two different purples, it is the hardest colour to capture!!! 

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