Friday, 26 July 2013

It's been a week...

......since I had a brilliant fabric filled weekend!!
You have probably had quite enough of FQ retreat posts, but I truly had an amazing, exhausting, educating and fun weekend!
I got to meet lots of people who I'd gotten to know through blogging, emails and Instagram and they were all so lovely! Like Liz, Jessie, Katy, Catrin and Gertie Pye who I was lucky enough to have a tea break with or a class or two!  And especially the Exeter contingent of MaryJoSusy and Emily!
I don't know how I could have been worried I'd be 'Billy no mates' as everyone was really friendly! Although it did feel like I knew people by their bags or handmade clothes and not their faces. Swap night was great as Flickr ID's were called out and that helped to put names to faces!
I came away with lots of fabric loot!
From Katy's scrap bundle that I had bought from IG, to Quilt Market Night purchases and some fq swaps!
Saturday started with me getting to know my fmq speed and I now feel optimistic about fmq after a morning in Trudi's class.
Her tips were brilliant, although I am under no illusion that I will ever be able to try feathers, but I love the line of e's & l's!!
Then it was on to an afternoon in Lu Summers class learning how to make portholes.
I know I should have ironed them! This was a brilliant class and such a great technique to learn, as it can be transferred to most shapes. These are destined to be a large cushion, if I ever get back behind the sewing machine this summer.

Sunday was Needleturn Appliqué with Mandy and we got to see her stunning Green Tea and Sweet Beans quilt from Amitie, that I have been lusting after on IG.
It is all hand pieced and all the fabrics just work beautifully together! She was using it as our tablecloth so I couldn't smuggle it out!!!
I managed to get this flower made and am definitely looking forward to having a go at more. It could be a great holiday project.
And then it was a quick goodbye and it was all over.....
So, all in all it was a fantastic, quick weekend and I really can't wait till next year.

Friday, 19 July 2013

It's here, at last!

Friday has finally arrived and not only is it my eldest last day at Primary school (my god I feel old!)!! but, it's the start of FQ retreat!
I've packed my bags, checked them several times and left them by the front door. Even though I'm not going until tomorrow! I think I'm keen!
The jellies are not mine, I think someone maybe trying to sneak out with me!
All class preps are ready.
I am so so nervous, but so excited! I can't wait to meet people that I've met online and through IG (hopefully they will chat to me!).
I've picked out a few fq's for the swap on saturday.
I will try and remember to take lots of photos and lots of people are tagging their IG photos with #fqrlondon or #fqr so you can see what everyone is posting. Go and look at what people are up to now!

And I hope someone saves me a goodie bag!!!! Pretty Please.....

Monday, 15 July 2013

2013 FAL - Q3 list!!

We finally have the internet back!! YIPPEE!! And seem to be in the midst of a heatwave!!
So, here I am at the very last minute, showing you the items on my Q3 List, that I'd like to get from WIP's, to be finished and in use!
she can quilt

Spring Carnival EPP
This was started on holiday last August and although EPP can be a slow project, I think I'm being a bit lazy getting this finished and into a cushion!
I don't know if I'm going to add anymore pieces or appliqué it on to some fabric! Maybe after needle turn appliqué at FQ retreat I might have a better idea. But, it should be a good size cushion, once it's done.

Superman & Wonder Woman Blocks
These blocks were made last month, when Kristy at Quiet Play called out for testers of some new Batman characters.
I meant to turn them into an anniversary cushion for the husband, but it is already 2 weeks late. So I would love to get these completed.

Lastly are the two hangovers from Q2.

Quilt Blocks Spinning Stars
I just need to get on and deal with this quilt top.......

Pink Wonky Stars
This has moved on slightly from the last quarter, but is still nowhere near finished.
So thats my list! 
With school holidays fast approaching, I'm not sure how much I'm going to get accomplished this quarter, but I'll give it a good go! 

Friday, 5 July 2013

Aeroplane for London!

I have only gone and finished my Aeroplane Bag!
After 4 broken needles and begging kicking and wacking a coughing and spluttering sewing machine, I got it all together.
And am so so pleased with the result! I knew I would be, as I haven't seen one of these bags that I haven't loved, ever since the Sew Sweetness pattern flooded blogland.
I used the car scrim option (thanks to Sonia at Fabric & Flowers for giving me a great ebay seller link, I think I have enough left to make a whole set of luggage!! And you have to go and she her new liberty bag she made with her left over scrim, it's stunning!) to replace the Soft and Stable and it gives it really sturdy sides that just bounce back out from knock.
I made the longer size and it fits my little machine and pedal in, with loads of room.
I used a home decor weight fabrics called Capital for the main body, that I had bought last year from Ebay and the bottom and handles are Weave in Coal from Summersville. I had to put the Taxi on the front with The Husband driving one all day!
The lining is more Summersville, this time Alphabetti in Coal with the pocket in London Bus Red. I only put in one pocket, just to see if I could get it right. And with the instructions being spot on, it worked perfectly. (Although I was sweating that the fabric would be upside down, my head had trouble with the logistics of it flipping!)
All the step-by-step instructions were really clear and it came together fairly quick. If my machine wasn't so basic and weak it would have been a lot quicker.
The only problem I had, was my zip ends!! They don't look as neat as I would have liked, but it is for me and it wouldn't be homemade without imperfections!!! (At least thats what I tell myself at the end of each project!!) 
I can't wait to use it to lug my machine to FQ retreat in TWO WEEKS! 
Me excited? Just a little!
I'm linking up to TGIFF at Quokka Quilts

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Hi, Fat Quarterly Retreat 2013

I may have mentioned once or twice that I'm going to Fat Quarterly retreat this year!! To help people see who else is going, they are holding a linky party for any blogger going, to waffle on a bit about ourselves, so that we can get to know each other a bit before we go! Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know I'm good at waffling, so here goes......

My name is Joanne, I'm a wife to one and mother to 3 little people. I live in East London (just, I can wave over the border to Essex) and will be traveling up to retreat each day!! No overnight pass for me!!  
I'm really excited and really nervous, as it's my first year going and I'm going solo! 
Heres me with my FQR name tag and a silly face! I hate photos and have struggled to find one of me without a child.
I'll be missing Friday, as my eldest is inconveniently leaving Primary School that day and has things like a meal and disco that he need ferrying to and from!!
But, I'm in Free Motion and Portholes on Saturday and Needleturn Appliqué on Sunday!

After having my youngest I didn't return to work, but became a full-time mum and got bitten by the knitting and crochet bug! Then to stop me going completely insane from terrible daytime TV, I started sewing about 18 months ago and haven't stopped since!
I have developed a very nasty case of fabric addiction and have a wish list of things I'd like to make taller than my Husband!
I have a very basic sewing machine that I'll be dragging along with me, in my nearly finished Aeroplane Bag.
So thats me! I can't wait to learn some new things, but more importantly meet people like me, who love chopping pretty fabric up and sewing it back together. Most of my friends think I'm slightly mad for enjoying making things. (and it's been a great excuse to make a few bags to carry bits across London in!!)
With only 17 days to go, I think I should get on a read my supplies list and start prepping things!

Monday, 1 July 2013

So long June!

June is over and July is here and we are half way through the year!! 
I've made more than I thought I had this month and I can reveal my name tag for my secret partner as she has received it.
It was Reene of Nellies Niceties and I took my inspiration from her Flickr Avatar. 

On a non-sewing front, I have also learn that my mobile phone can be a personal hotspot so I have managed to get some very very slow internet! WooHoo! 

I'm off to write a post about me, maybe even with a photo(!!!!) for the FQ retreat linky party!

I'm linking up with Lynne's Fresh sewing day
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