Sunday, 30 October 2011


With halloween fast approaching, this weekend the house has been decorated by the children!! We seem to be breeding pumpkins....

And have them in small, medium and large. 

My front room has been taken over by spiders!

and my tastefully decorated fireplace has been given a skeletal looks.

The boys love halloween, and have enjoyed creating this so much. I did manage to get my own way with the front door.                  

Half term has flown for us and I have found that we really didn't do very much but the boys enjoyed having no real plans. We saw some friends and just generally chilled but we did get to decorate some cookies and this afternoon after a massive forest walk we will be carving those pumpkins. 

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tuesday Tallies Wk.4.....

and a day late!

I hate being late, but half term has slowed me down and filled in all the time I normally have when my boys are at school. So apologies for this day late post.
Here is my progress on my Hexagon blanket.

I have completed 5 row and that adds up to 60 hexagons, I can't believe it 60 colourful hexagons. The graph is still going strong and keeping me from repeats and keeping my husband amused by my way of randomness!

I enlisted Son No.1 to hold it so I could see it fully. I really love it. I think I am about a quarter of the way through as I would like it to be a fair size.

Thanks so much for all the fantastic comments left last week. I have to say that there are some truly gorgeous creations by the other One A Dayers and to see them just click here.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Finished last!

This week I have managed to finished two projects I have been neglecting. I started this rabbit for my daughter in August and finished the body in September but forgot the dress!!

And this is how it stayed until last weekend when I gave myself a good talking to and produced...

My little Pickle loves her



Especially how she tastes!

I got the pattern from Ravelry and it was so easy to follow. I'm not too keen on the dress but that is the wool and not the pattern.

I also finished a One Skein Scarf from The Happy Hooker for my sister for Christmas. I have had the book for ages and have made a blanket from it but use it mostly for reference. But the I saw Gingerbread Girls one and loved the look of it, I also used Sidar Softspun as hers looked so grown up and had a lovely mother of pearl sheen.


I hope I my sister likes it.

Thats one present done now on to the next.

I'm hoping to get myself together and make some decorations this year I want as much homemade as I can this year. Is anyone else doing a Homemade Christmas?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tuesday Tallies Wk 3

Well, it my 3rd week joining in with One A Day and I am really happy with how my hexagons are coming together. Here it is so far.....

Excuse the toes just poking in at the bottom!

I am now on the 4th row and love how it looks, but I'm afraid I've become a bit obsessional about the randomness. I know that I would favor colours if I was just picking out of the bag, and some of you may have seen my bar chart with the circles but now I'm joining them up that has vanished. So I created this..

Each hexagon is numbered and the top shows the 2nd round, left top shows 3rd and left bottom the 4th!!! All this so I know that there are not any repeats yet!

My husband thinks I've lost the plot and I think he way be right ; )

I have also managed to finished two other objects this weekend and will post those this week hopefully. One is a Christmas present for my sister. I'm hoping to do a few homemade presents this year either something woollie or sewn! It means you can make things so much more personal.

I really look forward to Tuesdays to see the progress  of everyone's projects, hop over to Gingerbread Girls to see all the great creations others have been doing.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pots and more.

I love to get presents, especially when it's not expected. Now I'm not talking really expensive ones,  just something you love and that you know the person has thought about.
Yesterday my Mum popped over of a quick tea and chat and said she was bring me a bag of pots from my Godmother. Now I always need pots for the garden so was looking forward to these but when she arrived there was some thing extra.

oh, this looks good!

Out it came....

Oh wow, a magazine rack and it looks perfect. 

My Godmother is a great bargain hunter and will check any charity shop or car boot sale for a hidden gem and I love that she though of my home when she saw it. With 3 children to take along I don't get to spend much time looking for hidden gems as I'd like. And although she won't tell me how much it was I know that it won't be much and that makes me love it even more. 

Especially when it holding my favorite magazines (Mollie Makes). My husband is constantly telling I have magazines everywhere, so hopefully this will solve that!!

Oh and the pots, they are need to give this a bit of a makeover

It has been sorely neglected this summer so a trip to the garden centre is in order to fill these

Just hope the weather stays dry enough to get out there. 

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

One A Day..... wk 2

Wow what a week, feel like I've not had time to sit down in the last 7 days.

Thank you so much for all your comments and support last week about joining in with the One a Day, you really made me feel welcome.

As I said last week I was quite worried about starting to join them together. I was planning on using Lucy's join as you go method and you said it was easy, so I have given it a go and here is my progress this week...

I really love how it is starting to look, and although the colours do look great together I felt there was too much blue and green, so popped out today and bought this

I do love pinks and purples and think that this will mix in quite well and balance out the others.

Please go over to Gingerbread Girl's Blog here and see all the other wonderful One A Day's .

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Joining in with Tuesdays Tallies

This is my first time of joining in with the One a Day over at Gingerbread Girl. I was a late starter but felt that I wanted to catch up , so I have fitted in wool time where ever and whenever I could. I am making the Hexagon blanket from Attic 24, I think I've made fairly good progress

26 wonderful wheels and 1 hexagon. 

I'm hoping to join as I go and am a bit scared of starting, but hopefully will get going this week. 
I have also spotted that a purple and dark pink are slightly too loose on their outer round so they will be unpicked later. 

I am finding I am becoming slightly OTT in my method of making the colours random but ensuring I'm not favoring some. My ottoman as been over taken by my live bar chart

It is the only way I can see at a quick glance which colours next! I hope I'm not the only one with a mad system. 

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