Thursday, 29 May 2014

Swooning along nicely!!

Corny title I know, but I'm over half way through the blocks for my Chicopee Swoon and I'm a bit excited!
Here's No.4
 And No. 6
No.6 is definitely my favourite, I love this fabric combination!

With a mock up on PicMonkey I think they are going to go brilliantly together.
So, I just need to get on with the last 3.

With it being half term here, we are having the gorgeously expected weather of rain, rain and more rain, with a cold snap. Which has meant lots of staying in with puzzles and games for the children, revision for the eldest and a bit of sewing for me. Tuesday I managed to chop and sew a Giant Vintage Star almost all together.
I'm using all Pam Kitty fabrics, but ran out of white for the last two background squares, with just 2" short and the replacement is sitting in the post office as the cover postman couldn't possibly bend some fabric to get it in the letterbox! (Rant over!!)  So I'm meant to wait 48hrs before collecting it, but I might go and beg the nice lady in the sorting office tomorrow if it's already there!

And lastly, (I know your thinking, thank God!!) I've signed up to the Fat Quarterly retreat sample swaps and was thinking of a Boxy Pouch like this one or a Thread Catcher as my offering, but has anyone got any good ideas of things I've made that are good swap items?? Or things they have loved receiving in a swap, please???

I'm linking up today with Sue, I've been trying to get a Thursday post out to link up with the Brit Sewing link, but this is the first week I've been coordinated!

Just Sew Sue


  1. You can't beat a good swoon. :)

  2. I love your Swoon blocks - my favourite DS line too!

  3. Love love love of course!!!

  4. Loving your new swoon :-) And you are going to FQR - so lucky!

  5. Glad to see you are making the most of the terrible weather. Me too! Tho everyone has gone stir-crazy today.

  6. Gorgeous Swoon blocks!! I love the star and hope your begging worked!

  7. Your Swoon blocks are gorgeous. That chicopee is wonderful in them. Also love your half star. Our postman is the opposite of yours. Either he'll leave even quite valuable items on the step or he'll screw up letters even if they would have fitted. We have very scrunched up Christmas and Birthday cards!

  8. Love these and the colour combinations.....I hate it when you have to wait for new supplies, I'm never organised to start and have everything I need so I normally always land up getting frustrated.

    I've made small steps towards doing some patchwork this week, before I looked at anything, stupidly, just jumped right in.....then I remembered a free craftsy class I downloaded a few months ago....isn't hindsight a wonderful thing....enough said!

    We've had a good bit of sunshine this hols so we've got in the garden a bit, its middles birthday tomorrow so its a baking day today....its all good! Have a good weekend!

  9. Well swooned, although PITA about the missing fabric for the stars

  10. I love your Swoons, especially the orange. Not my usual favourite colour either but it's so bright and happy! Sunday is shaping up well here in Cardiff. We have woken up to sunshine at last.


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