Monday, 26 May 2014

Cushion Overgram!

A question for you, how many photos can you take of one cushion?
If your me, far too many!!
And the back
So, I think you can guess I LOVE this cushion! Even if it finished up at an irregular 14"x28" size and I had to butcher a pillow form from Ikea to fit it!
If you missed the last post, this is for my mum from my children for her 65th Birthday.
I machine binded using the 'so far fool proof' quick machine binding from Lynne @ Lily's Quilts and in my opinion it makes for a neat and sturdy cushion!

The Details

Pattern - Letters from Spell it with Moda, cushion was bodged together by me. ( link is for the 'n' just change the letter in the web address to get the letter you want! 
Fabrics Front- Sugar Flower by Lecien for the letters, Kona White for the background.
Fabrics Back - A Kona green from Simply Solids Stash Club and a Pam Kitty fabric which I got from FQS but can't find the name!! 
Binding - Jump Scallops in Lime Green from Happy Go Lucky by Camille & Bonnie 

I embroidered the hand print on to the backing fabric with DMC thread after using a water soluble pen to trace their hand on. 
As ever, Miss Rose thinks every photo and blog post should have her in it, so she photo bombed the shoot!!
 And the lady who it was for!
The Birthday Girl and me! I think she had a very surprising weekend and really enjoyed herself!!!!  
I think it's time I started making these letters for me, so I can have a whole quilt……… what do you think? Random scrappy fabrics or plan the life out of it!
ps. Happy Bank Holiday Monday Uk peeps xxx


  1. What a wonderful cushion, so thoughtful and what a wonderful memory of the time especially with the childrens hands. Miss Rose looks gorgeous and I agree all posts should have her in them. Happy birthday to your Mum.

  2. It is great project. Perfect execution!

  3. Love the cushion and that binding technique. Glad you all
    Had a good celebration

  4. hope you had a wonderful time celebrating :-) Love the cushion - and yes, you need a whole quilt of letters - I vote scrappy!

  5. Beautiful, I am sure it will be loved. x

  6. Yay, glad the surprise all went well, cushion looks fab


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