Friday, 9 May 2014

A wandering mind

You know when you start pulling out fabric for a project and are faffing around with colours, patterns and placement? And are completely concentrating on what your doing not being distracted by anything at all?……….and then you have a thought, not about what you are meant to be doing, but about something completely different?
And without even thinking, your half way through making a block?
Please tell me you do, as thats what happen last night and I ended up making this.
A massive paper pieced Union Jack block for a pillow, a bed sized pillow, not a cushion sized one.
The pattern is by Lynne of Lily's Quilts and it was in this months Love Quilting & Patchwork Magazine.
I'm hoping to get it quilted and turned into a pillow this weekend. I was thinking of it being a handmade giveaway for SMS Day on Monday, but I'm not sure if anyone will want it.
I do love the crispness of paper piecing!

Anyhoo, I did also managed to finish faffing with the original fabrics  .
I was thinking the layout on the left for a Giant Star Quilt for Siblings Together…or maybe one of those fabrics on the side should be mixed in, I do love those Kitties and balloons, or they might be too young What do you think? ….because, as normal, I'm undecided!

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  1. I'd enter to win it!! It's lovely.

  2. Beautiful Union Jack!!! All of your fabric is so pretty. Union Jacks are quite popular and I think people would definitely want it!

  3. I think it would be a great giveaway for SMS giveaway day Joanne. Lots of people avoid paper piecing like the plague so would love to have someone else do do all the hard work for them and the Union Flag is a popular pattern, so I would definitely say go for it :)

  4. it would be a great giveaway - I for one would love to win it!!

  5. You're right, I don't think anyone will want send it to me *winks*

  6. I love your flag pillow cover. I go off on tangents quite often but probably not enough. I think the best projects often come from those sudden impulses. And I love your star fabric choices. I like the way you have complimenting fabrics opposite each on the left and for that reason I think the red and white check fabric could possibly swap with a white background fabric on the right but switching more than that might might throw out the balance. Having said that, if I really had to decide, I could spend weeks arranging and re-arranging!

  7. Love your UJ piecing, and a great selection of fabrics for a giant star!


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