Wednesday, 3 April 2013

First Quarter, done!

Can you believe that the first quarter of this year has passed? Well it flew passed me! 
she can quilt

Back in January I signed up for the 2013 FAL with Leanne and was fairly kind to myself with just four items on my original list. So how did I do!

My first finish was an Epi-Pen pouch for my son. I had cut out the parts and they had been put in a bag on my messy shelf and had gotten very lost, but they were eventually found not on the shelf!!! and put together!!
It worked, the son now uses it when it's party time or he's going to a friends. 

Next I finished my Happy-Go-Lucky in Summersville Quilt. I love this quilt, which the photos in this post will show!
This quilt is used so much, by all the family and is dragged from room to room by the children! 

Then I tackled my lone practice block into a cushion cover.
My Spinning Star of London.
I tried a bit of hand quilting on this! I'm not very good at it!

And lastly, for my fourth and final finish. My Granny Square cushion shown here.  

So I did get all my items finished but as I said it was an easy list! But I didn't want to set myself too hard a task. 
And I'm already thinking about things for the 2nd quarters list...........


  1. Your finishes are wonderful, I especially love the Summerville quilt! It is so nice to see them all together like this, I wonder what you will finish in Q2.

  2. It's terrible how time is rushing on and on! You've had a lovely first quarter, though. Wonderful finishes. :)

  3. Congratulations on knocking out all of the projects on your list, way to go!

  4. Woohoo, 10/10. Now if you're looking for things for next quarter, I could donate a few things ;o)

  5. I love all your finishes - a gold star for you!!

  6. Well done on completely your list and with such lovely finishes too.


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