Monday, 22 April 2013

Jumping into Kids Clothes Week

I have watched the goings-on of Kids Clothes Week from afar over the last few years and this time I'm jumping in!
The idea is an hour a day, for 7 days, to work on making some clothes for children.  To me an hour is quite achievable, even with 3 children with better social lives than me!!! And my daughter is definitely in need of some spring clothing.
So to kick me off for Day 1 of this week, I've started with a pattern I've been meaning to try for ages, the really really easy Lazy Days Skirt.

The pattern is free from Oliver +S and I truly made this in under an hour!
I've used some chambray that I had leftover from Rose's dress and some Amy Butler ribbon.
The pattern said to use the full width of the fabric, but I only had a metre of ribbon so it is a little bit narrower than it should be.
The pattern also said to not worry about finishing the seems, as you was using the selvedges, but as I wasn't and chambray frays so much, I did use French seams.
I added a little bit of ribbon as a label, which I'd seen someone do on Flickr and loved the look of.
It finished at 11" long and I could have made it shorter, but I do love a bit of growing room!!!
And I think my little model was very happy with the finished product!!
Lets see what I can get done tomorrow! I doubt it will be another finished item though!


  1. That looks superb and the delight on her face is definitely worth it! So did it take an hour?

  2. Very cute skirt! I love how happy your daughter is with it!

  3. Bless her cotton socks...there's appreciation for you! The skirt is really cute, I love the ribbon trim....I am most impressed with myself as I know what a French seam is, after watching that sewing bee programme, it's brilliant have you seen it?

    Looking forward to seeing what you do tomorrow! You've set the bar now, we expect a newly finished item each day!


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