Monday, 29 April 2013

Pillowcase Love.

I have been working on prettifying Rose bedroom lately and had made her a duvet cover a few weeks ago and yesterday cut out the pieces for a pillowcase. She is still in her cot-bed and was using a rather boyish cover that had been passed down from her brothers.
This morning I tackled the sewing together of the pillowcase and here it is.
I used this brilliant tutorial, but tweaked it a tiny bit as I wanted the pillow to be enclosed in a flap!
The spot and scalloped stripe fabric are from Pam Kitty Love and I had trouble finding a UK shop that had them. I bought the spotty one at my local quilt shop and the scallop from Sew & Quilt and the dark pink for the trim is from my stash and is called Running Stitch.....I think!!
It is certainly brightening up her cot!
The duvet cover was a quick make with a few metres of IKEA fabric that I already had. I scoured the internet looking for nice/colourful snap fasteners (which are quite hard to find in the UK) and managed to find these.
They are blue metal snap fasteners from a UK supplier the Textile Garden, they also have the most stunning buttons and shawl pins!! Really unusual stuff!
Rose has been rather lucky on the sewing front this week, Kids Clothes Week is over for this Spring! And I rather pleased with the three items I managed to get finished for her.
I think for the next challenge I will make sure I'm a bit more prepared with pattern ideas before hand! Might even look for some patterns for the boys, although I'm sure my eldest will declare anything I make far too uncool!!! He would just be pleased if I got on a quilted his Giant Star quilt!


  1. This bedding set is just gorgeous. I have never seen coloured snaps before! Only ever black or white. Thanks for the tip off x

  2. Rose has definitely lucked out this week, best get to that star...


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