Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wip Wednesday!

After posting my Q2 list for the 2013 FAL on Monday, I feel like it has given me a bit of a kick start!
Last night I made a few more of my Pink Wonky Stars. I'm using my fussy cut centres to work out what fabric is need around it! I'd love to do a few really tiny ones!

It is quite a liberating way to work, not having to keep seeing if everything is coming up to size. But, I dread the part where I have to get them all into a quilt top!
Still quite a few more to go before that though, as I'm aiming for a cot bed size.

And today I am figuring out a layout for my Little Apple Lady quilt top. Once these blocks are together it just needs top and bottom borders.
Hopefully I'll be able to find a shop that still sells Little Apples or I'll have to use some solids for them.
Which layout do you favour? top or bottom?
There is only a tiny difference, but I'm not sure which is more balanced.

No progress on my Violet Blouse, as I'm waiting for some fabric to arrive to tackle a real version, with the helpful hints from everyone!

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  1. It took me a good look to work out the difference between the 2! I think both look fine...does that help? If you do an etsy search for Little Apples some yardage comes up, don't forget to ask in the ST group too you never know what someone might part with for a good cause! I have some charms left it that helps.

  2. I really like your Wonky Stars...I hear you about figuring how to make them all a puzzle!

  3. Your wonky stars are precious. I am a huge fan of this pattern and love what you have done with the fussy cutting.

  4. Those stars are adorable! I love your fussy cuts- especially the ship!!

  5. The centers of your stars are fabulous! The two layouts are so similar, I think they both work.

  6. Love those stars, especialyl the one with the ship!

    Option #2, it lightens up that top left corner

  7. Love your Wonky stars and the Little Apples blocks look great in both layouts.

  8. I love everything you do, Joanna. These two quilts are amazing, you are very talented. Deb x

  9. I love those fussy cut wonky stars! And the different sizes are so great. I think I prefer the top layout on the Little Apples quilt.


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