Friday, 5 April 2013

Springtime Dressmaking

Just missing the Spring weather bit!
During last week I had been seeing the skirts made by Lynne of Lily Quilts on IG and had been tweeting stalking her, asking her questions about lining and pre washing fabrics.
So when on bank holiday Monday, I found myself with a free afternoon I knew just what to fill it.........
No, not get on with one of the many things I have already started, but to make a skirt.
I measured myself, followed Lynne's instructions for drafting a simple pattern, drew my pattern out on baking paper (because I'm classy like that!) and set to work cutting into my fabric.
A £1 zip and an hour later and this skirt was born!
It needs a press, but I was too excited!! 
BUT! I over measured myself, I really didn't want it to bee (!) too small to fit into, so I had to chop a couple of inches off each side. As you can see from the back photo, it is still a little big (it's not wonky though, that must have been how I was standing or maybe I'm wonky, as it is straight!)  but I can hopefully take it in a little more.
I used less than a metre of Bee Springtime by Melody Miller (but it is a wider fabric than regular quilting fabric) and whats more I got it on sale at M is for Make. So it cost me just 1 hour of time and  £11 to make this skirt with my cheap zip and I still have a nice chunk of the fabric to use.

So, feeling brave, I made this yesterday.
It's a calico-muslin (calico was cheaper) of the Violet Blouse from Colette Patterns.
Although, I am unsure of the sizing, the front looks good.
But the back seems to pull and then fold a bit.
I don't know if this is because either,  I need to make a bigger size, that the calico is just too thick and not falling like lighter material would or it's just meant to be like that and who cares I wont see the back anyway!?!
Anyone have any suggestions.....?
Answers on a postcard or in a comment please!!?!


  1. Judging from the shoulders it doesn't look too small in the back. It looks more like excess fabric. My wild guess is you went with your bust measurement to accomodate your chest but your waist measurement is actually smaller. I've not yet sewn blouses, but those are issues I have all the time buying off the rack, too. I assume, and the assume is big, that a size smaller with a full bust adjustment would turn out better results. Or darts. Because there's some pulling and folding in the front, too. (And some folding in the back is definitely a design element to consider.)

    This is why I've still got to sew a blouse or fitted bodice. Totally on my list, though, and you're only reminding me. :)

    Curious what others will have to say!

  2. Lovely skirt, and the blouse is too. I think if you just sew a two ties, on e each in at the waist, and these will tie at the back bring it in.

    I really want to make a skirt now and I am suprised it took less than a metre to make.

  3. I love the skirt! The top looks great but it looks like there's a bit too much fabric around your waist. My first thought was 'Darts. It needs darts.' but then I wondered what it would be like if you put a box pleat in the placket (is that the right word and is it spelt correctly? I mean the section across the top of the back!) rather than a set of gathers and gave it a good press to create two sharp creases. I feel the front may also benefit from darts but, like you say, it's hard to tell with a sturdier fabric. I bet Very Kerry Berry would be able to help, she's got a great eye for dressmaking and fit!

  4. Sorry can't help with your fitting problems, but love your skirt and I'm impressed at how frugal it was!

  5. I think Helen may be onto something with the back. It's where that gather is that's causing it to go a little odd, so if it's not all gathered in the middle, but spread out a bit then it will probably hang better. You could also possibly do with curving the sides in a bit, or adding a dart at the front from the bottom up towards your bust line

  6. I think the blouse is cushions and curtains, I'll give a go to, but a blouse...I think it would probably end up with me looking like I was wearing a pair of curtains.

  7. Great dress-making! I've been thinking about making some clothes, but haven't got off the starting block yet! Best wishes, Pj x


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