Monday, 8 April 2013

Whats on the list?

After doing so well with my finishes on the first quarter of the 2013 FAL, I thought I'd set myself a fail challenge this quarter.
she can quilt

Quilt Blocks Spinning Stars
This has been finished since November, and has just been hanging around in the laundry room! I think it's because I would like to hand quilt it, but am very daunted by the basting.
So, I am going to get it basted by a longarmer. I just hope she doesn't mind the wonky seams and dodgy points!!! I need to make up or buy a backing and then after she has basted it, all it needs to be is hand quilted and binding added!

Little Apple Lady
This will be my quilt for Siblings Together and I'm hoping to drop it off at the FQR. So this has to be done!
These blocks need to be assembled, a top and bottom border attached, then quilted and binded.

Giant Constellation Star
I finished this a few weekends ago and it needs a backing and then I'm aiming for simple quilting.

And lastly

Pink Wonky Star
I have had the idea for this quilt for ages and planned to make a star when I had a bit of time but, I've only made two.
And then haven't added any others even though most of the bits are cut out.
Although it is based a two of my favourite Wonky stars quilts, I hope for this quilt to be a bit 'inprov pieced' (is that the right phrase!?!) but I think it might be the randomness of it thats slowing me down!!

So, that my list!
I'm off to link up at Leanne's and see what others have got on theirs! 


  1. I love your pink wonky stars! Good luck with your projects :o)

  2. Good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing your spinning stars being quilted, I think it's going to be a stunner!

  3. I see a lot of quilting in your near future! You have some lovely projects on the go.


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