Thursday, 18 April 2013

Violet Blouse

I've only gone and made a blouse, for me!!!
And it looks ok!
Back at the end of March I saw that Rae was hosting a Spring Top Sewalong and I decided this was the push I needed to make something for myself.  I bought the Violet Blouse by Colette Patterns from M is for Make and then rushed headlong into making a muslin and I had a few issues!
Well, never one to be undeterred! I bought some cotton poplin, sat down with a list of helpful hints from you lot, a notepad and I had a tiny fiddle with my measurements then reassessed the pattern and........ here it is!

 And the back!

I am thrilled with it!
I think the big difference was the weight of the material I used. The muslin I made was just too stiff and wasn't made to be worn, but I forgot that when I tried it on and was over critical.
It was a super easy pattern to follow and make. Although it is labeled as beginner pattern, I think I would have had a lot more mistakes and heartaches, if I hadn't taken the time to make my dummy one first.
But, as I had already copied out the pattern on to baking paper for the muslin, and kind of knew what I was doing(?), this blouse took just one Sunday afternoon to cut and sew. I then dragged my heels until yesterday to get on with my nemesis 'buttonholes'.

The fabric is called Fidget and is a 58" wide Cotton Poplin which I bought from Croft Mill, I needed 2 metres and I still have enough to make something for Rose (Maybe a skirt?). I used mother of pearl buttons as I felt they wouldn't compete with the pattern of the fabric.

I added a 'made my me' label and then asked The Husband to take some photos. (I am not trying to look thoughtful here, I'm telling a 7 year old not to dare kick the ball at me!)

So, I will definitely be making another and after giving this pattern a go, I feel more confident to sew something else for myself.
Have a peek at the Flickr Group if you need some inspiration to make yourself a top!


  1. Congrats on the finish. This is a great top. The fabric is lovely! Hope we get some more Summery weather to go with it :)

  2. It looks great! I'm really going to have to get round to making a Tova dress...

  3. You've made such a beautiful job of it! I love your choice of fabric too.

  4. Hi
    I've been visiting your blog for a while and wanted to say how gorgeous your blouse is, I love the pattern and the fabric is perfect for it. I might just be inspired to get sewing again for myself after seeing this x Penny

  5. Congratulations, your blouse looks wonderful! You should be on the Great British Sewing Bee :)

  6. Wow, that's gorgeous! Beautifully made and a lovely choice of fabric. Best wishes, Pj x


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