Wednesday, 6 February 2013

WIP Wednesday....Still quilting

My Happy-Go-Lucky quilt! It's getting there, but these children of mine keep requiring me to stop and do things for them, like feed them! And why do they have so many after school clubs and interests!!!
So it has been quite slow progress!
But, all that is left to quilt is the red borders, so I'm on the last leg of it. I hope to use Scandi in Red for the binding, I did want Weave in Coal but it's all gone!!
I even had a go at quilting a little message.
Other words were not so successful, but it was all good FMQ practise. It has used a massive amount of thread, I bought 3 reels of cream and really underestimated how many it would take, so ended up back at the shop. So far I've gone through 5 100m reels and that without the red!

The Epi-Pen Pouch is done (at last!) and I also made myself project pouch for my Woodland Sampler stuff to sit in nicely.  No photos yet!

Next on the list to tackle, is turning the lone Spinning Star practise block into a cushion and I think I might use the covered zipper method I used on the penguin cushion.

My BOM blocks are on hold at the moment, as I think a new printer might be needed. So still have those to catchup on too!
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  1. Your FMQ'ing is looking fab! Love the little secret messages in the quilting. What machine do you use? Can't wait to see it all finished x

  2. Children can be so unreasonable about that food thing, anyone would think they were growing... Love the idea of sneaking wee words into your quilting :o)

  3. Text in your FMQ'ing that is brave and it turned out so well too!

  4. This looks beautiful. I like how you have snuck/sneaked words into you words into your quilting. I'd love to try FMQ one of these days.

  5. Pretty quilt - I love your quilting word - what a lovely idea!

  6. You're inspiring me to write freehand words on my own next quilt. Beautiful job!


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