Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Epi-Pen pouch ✓

At last I've pulled my finger out and got on with putting together the pouch for my son's Epi-Pens and tablets and so have finished my something of my 2013 FAL list.
He gets so embarrassed taking them out with him to friends and parties, that we though a pouch with fabrics he chose would help him to keep them hidden. I'm also hoping it helps to keep things in one place for when I'm at work and no-one can find anything!! Why do men and boy need neon signs to see things right in from of their eyes!?!
After misplacing all the cut pieces and zip in the mess that is my laundry room, he had to re-pick the fabrics and picked Type, but then I found the missing bits in a very strange safe place (Phew! I get to hoard the Type for a little longer!!). So nice quick finish!!  The pattern is the Wide Open Zipper Pouch by Anna @Noodlehead and was super quick.
He had chose one of my favourite fabrics "Where's my 'Stache" by Alexander Henry and I lined it with Weave in Coal as I think they go together so well. I used some leftover wadding and stitched around the moustaches which you can't really see in the photos, but I really pleased with how it came out.

Whilst making it I also made myself a pouch to put all my Woodland Sampler stuff in, as it had been living in a HobbyCraft carrier bag!!!
I tried to FMQ a few topical word on the back!! They are very wonky but it's for me so don't really mind!!
So, thats 1 of 4 off the 2013 FAL list and the I'm very nearly finished my next one!!!  WooHoo!

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  1. How cool is that moustache pouch. Bet your son is chuffed.

  2. I did have to laugh at the bit about men not being able to see things, when the next sentence was about how you lost the original fabric ;o) The final result looks great though, and fun with the 'staches

  3. Very cool pouch Joanne, so good that you managed to hang on to your Type too. Great work on the legible FMQ'ing too!

  4. My husband won't carry his EpiPen with him. He only has one at all because I absolutely insisted after yet another ER visit. At least your son is sort of reasonable! LOL.


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