Wednesday, 20 February 2013

WIP Wednesday!

So, I finished my Happy-Go-Lucky quilt and you can see it in all it's glory here and I'm now busying away at finishing some cushions.
First up is my lone practise Spinning Star block. I have hand quilted it and assembled a back and now just have to get the binding sewn down.

Next, I've joined up all the green squares for the Holiday Surprise Reverse Appliqué Pillow from Pretty in Patchwork Holidays. This is for the sew along on Threadbias.
Just need to get the template enlarged, so I can attach the linen. Although I'm not too sure if the linen will fray too much? Would I be better with cotton?
A few people are making the valentine heart version and they look amazing, but I'm sticking with the tree, as I'll be early for Christmas, but late for valentines!! ha!
And last bit of progress this week is on my Woodland Sampler.
I spent some time on Saturday evening working on the February frame, it's such a cute cross stitch!!
Now that I don't have a quilt on the go I feel kind of bereft! Is this normal? I have the fabric and plans to start two new ones (but can't pick a background colours) and an idea for a Siblings Together one, but don't want to start until the boys are back at school next week.
Also, can I ask you all a technical question? I don't have any fancy quilt programs on my computer, but if I wanted to make a simple mock-up of a quilt for colour purposes, does anyone know a good easy way to do that on a Mac? Ta!
I'm off to see all the other WIP's over at

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. I love your cross stitch project.

  2. If you add a line of zigzag stitching to your linen seams it will help to stop them fraying. Can't help you with the technicals I am afraid but I am sure someone else will!

  3. Your cross stitch looks pretty, it is something I have been contemplating in trying out again :)

  4. Lots of pretty things on the go there :o) My mum always sticks masking tape all round the edges of her embroideries so they don't unravel, then it peels off easily at the end

  5. I am loving the cross stitch. It is so cute.

  6. I love your cross stitch. Those deer are too cute! If only I could justify picking up another project when I haven't finished a single cross stitch yet...


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