Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Wednesday mess!

So, today I will be ignoring the housework until school run and will either sitting on the sofa sewing the binding on my Happy-go-lucky in Summersville quilt and catching up on a bit of Sky+.

I'm so nearly done....... just the last half of the quilt to sew on!
Or, sewing these little stacks of green goodness into rows of 7, for the February make from Pretty in Patchwork Holiday sew along over on Threadbias.
From 3.30pm I need to clone myself as we have parents evening for two children followed by swimming lessons for middle son and then running club for me! Thats without feeding the poor mites and making pancakes as last night we were at kickboxing till nearly 7pm!!! (AND BREATHE!!) Can you tell I'm ready for half term!
I finally completed the Epi-Pen pouch, so thats ticked of the list!
I'm linking up, as ever on a Wednesday to

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  1. I really like your black and white binding. I have that print in green and haven't been sure what to do with it. I may have to consider using it for a binding.

  2. That binding is a great choice - hurrah for almost finishes. I know how you feel about half term, although I had a child come home sick before lunch and she's been begging to go back ever since! Not sure how we'll cope next week!

  3. Sounds like you need a sewing break before all the activity of the evening!!

  4. I love the summersville binding.

  5. Your Summersville quilt looks beautiful - love the binding and the backing too!

  6. Love the combinations of the red and black and White on that quilt....really gorgeous, you have such a good eye for placing fabrics together.

    I know the feeling for splitting yourself up and running about everywhere, it begins to wear a bit thin doesn't it? We are on half term this week, but still all the swimming and football continues, although leaving the school runs for a week has been a real blessing.

    Only a couple more days to go and then it's the weekend!x

  7. Oh I ignore the house work every day, you can turn it into quite the art form ;o) Hope you got through your evening in one piece!


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