Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Wednesdays faffing!

I feel like I'm flitting from one project to another today, but without really getting anything really done!!
I started this morning with a delivery from Simply Solids for the Reverse Appliqué Pillow. I had ordered some Moda Cross Weave in Natural and it is gorgeous!! I'd never seen it before, but its got such a wonderful textured look and is really soft too!!
I'm so pleased I picked it over the linen. So thats the front nearly done! Just to get on with the back!
The printer was fixed yesterday (pulled out all the wires and popped them back in, followed by a swift kick), so I went mad yesterday evening printing all the templates for the paper pieced blocks I have to do (5!). I then pulled some fabrics so I was ready to go at nap time today.
Heres the waiting line.
I've finished two blocks and having a moment with one of them. It just wouldnt meet up, I'm not sure if the fabric wasn't ironed well enough or if I didn't check the printing scale.
It's not going to be a neat as it should, but I'll leave it for toady and fiddle with it tomorrow!
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  1. After I saw your reverse applique photo, with the Moda crossweave, I started a desperate hunt for any of that natural crossweave left here states-side! No wonder it's hard to get. It looks divine, and I love how your Christmas tree is poking just out of the side of it. :)

  2. Is that a seam ripper that you paper pieced? So cute! I can't make my brain work at paper piecing so I just don't try but that looks amazing.

  3. The cross weave looks lovely. Hope you get your seam ripper block sorted out. I have yet to attempt mine :)

  4. I do love the whole crossweave/sketch/painters canvas like solids, it's going to look fab when it's done.

    Don't forget that you effectively have a 1/2" overlap between those two pieces, so if you get a couple of pins and stick it through where the joins are on one piece, then try and fit the other piece on top, you might find it fits perfectly (I often give myself heart failure like this ;o) )


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