Thursday, 21 February 2013

Knit, knit, knit!

Thats what I have been doing a fair bit of over the last few days, but I still haven't finished my Next Step Socks!!
They are nearly there.......
But not quite!! Well, I do wear a size 7 shoe!!
Do you know how hard it is to get a decent photo when your wearing unfinished socks with very bendy needles running through them?? 
I am definitely on the home stretch!!
The next socks I start will be with slightly chunkier wool, I've already seen two patterns in the book that are Sportweight Socks and should knit up slightly quicker.
It's not that I've not enjoyed knitting them, it's just that they are such small items I feel slightly cheated that they are taking up so much of my evenings!!!


  1. they look lovely so far! I love the yarn you are using for them :D

  2. Big Foot ;o) Looking cool though :o)

  3. They look really fabulous though Joanne, size 7 feet or no!

  4. These look great! I am a knitting dunce so am impressed with anything more complex than garter stitch. Socks would definitely be a bridge too far but yours look fantastic - particularly impressed with how the stripes match on both feet.

  5. They look so great. I've been eyeing up the sportweight socks in the book too :)

  6. They look great. I love the colour of your yarn. :-)

  7. You are further along than me....I wish I had finished mine already, as you say something so small taking so much time isn't working for me at the moment....roll on casting off!

  8. I really need to do more knitting , whenever I see pretty knitted things (gorgeous socks, by the way) I get the urge. I've only ever learned how to knit one thing - a cowl scarf, but would really like to branch out!


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