Friday, 1 February 2013

January was.........

It flew by for me.
I made a few things, ignored quite a few too!!!

1. Lucky Stars practice block, 2. measure twice, 3. Pete the Penguin back, 4. Pete the penguin, 5. Happy-Go-Lucky in Summersville quilt , 6. January's done!!  #woodlandsampler #thefrostedpumpkinstitchery
Pete the Penguin is one of my favourite makes every!
I'm buried under that quilt top at the moment trying desperately to finish the quilting tonight!! But my sewing machine has other ideas and is not playing nicely!! And the biscuits from earlier have already had quite a dent made into them!! Send me lucky and wine..................

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  1. Hello, Pete - it's lovely to see you again!

  2. Oh I've been there struggling to finish a quilt and my machine/needle/thread fighting me. I'm sending you some good luck and yes Wine and Whine help a lot. I love Pete the Penguin pillow. I really ought to get me that book and make one.

  3. Great month, Pete's my favourite too!


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