Thursday, 14 February 2013

Next Step Socks Update

We have a heel!! And it wasn't torture to make it.
I loved knitting this short-row heel, no picking up stitches! I really am useless at that, I'm never sure which bit to pick up! Just lots of wrapping stitches, which I did have to concentrate on!
They are really growing, especially when I've just looked back to last week. And it is making me work quicker knowing that I will have a pair finished at the same time. No dreaded second sock syndrome.....
I did say last week that I was concerned they were a little big, but actually they seem to be fitting quite well!
I now just have to follow the lace pattern on both sides of the sock until they are long enough, but so far so good.
Who knows, with half term approaching I may even finish these by next week. (I have just completely jinxed myself now, and no progress will probably be made!!!)
Thankfully I survived the madness of yesterday and after a 5 mile jog/run (yes you read right! This very unfit mother of 3 has finally built up in the last 4 months with the local running club to stagger run 5 miles!!!) I sat down at 9.30pm and I indulged in a glass of wine and a little hand sewing!!!  So I'm now off to see all the other NSSKal progress, read a load of blogs and look at my emails.
Is it friday yet.............


  1. You'll need comfy socks if you start running more ;o)

  2. The fit looks perfect.. Congratulations on the fit and the five mile run..I doubt you are still unfit..I'm a 2 mile/day jogging tho!

  3. They look wonderful Joanne, congrats on the 5 mile run too!

  4. They are great -I agree with Katy - you need more handknit socks as a reward for running! :D

    Sorry for the delayed reply this week xxx


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