Friday, 1 February 2013

A lace di-SAH-ster, dahling!!!!

I couldn't have put it any better than Craig Revel Horwood!!
This week I have been merrily knitting away at my NSSKal lace socks, only to discover I had made a mistake and the lace pattern on one of the socks was wonky!!!!
So I frogged the offending sock back to where it had all gone wrong and have left it to be dealt with when I'm not in such a grumpy mood!!
I plan on putting on DPN and working it back up to the same size as sock 2!!

Today I shall mostly be baking and sewing!!! I've been on a baking ban through January to stop too much cake in the house, but I fear this may be counter productive. As I've already made this batch of Green & Blacks Chocolate Shortbread Swirls this morning
and have a Blueberry and Soured cream loaf in the oven............... Oh dear.

I wonder how many biscuits will be left by school run time?? I'll be back later with my January makes for Fresh Sewing Day, when I get the post written..........Another biscuit anyone?!?

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  1. So frustrating, isn't it ? I've had to frog all mine. The shortbread looks yummy. Deb x

  2. Oh man, I hate it when that happens! I have also frogged my first pair this week and if it's any consolation there's almost as much frogging as knitting going on I think - the first week is always the worst isn't it? When people realise they are not quite happy with things. Anyway, I wish you well with the 2nd attempt - I think these are going to be beautiful - the yarn is perfect - looks like summer fruit pudding or something. :)

  3. When would you like me round for tea, those biscuits look delicious!

    Sorry to hear about your knitting woes, I am sure you will feel better about it after a few of those biscuits :)


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