Thursday, 7 February 2013

Next Step Socks Progress.

So, after an hour of concentration and gallons of tea, I have managed to get my Dead Simple Lace Socks back on track and without a wonky lace in sight!! I was concerned I'd have to completely frog them and start again and was really hoping against that!! So, Phew!
They are slowly making their way up my foot, and I have to say it is a lot easier to try on socks for size using toe up and circular needles method. Last time I made socks, it was with dpns and it was a very tricky and painfull process trying them on for size!!
They are a bit big, but I'm not starting again......they can just be loose!!
I have to keep going with the pattern unitl I'm 2½" form the finished length of the sock. By using my last socks as a guide, I think I have about another 2" to knit until I start the heel.
I'm so pleased I joined up to the knit along as it gave me the push to give two at a time a go and the support on Instagram has been brilliant!!  
I can't wait to see everyone else's progress!!!


  1. Very pretty yarn. I am amazed at the two at once, have never tried this myself. It looks quite complicated.

  2. oooh two at a time, toe up socks are my favourite!

    if they're a little big take a few stitches off the gusset increases (if you can handle the maths, and if it's that kind of pattern).

    I find that I can handle socks being big around the toes, but if the heels are big then they slip down too much.

  3. Oh you've cracked it! These are looking lovely. I have to agree, the Instagram knitters are fab! I'm loving it so much more this time with that plus a dedicated Ravelry group - I am already wondering what else we can knitalong!!!!

  4. Congratulations on getting these back on track, it looks incredibly complicated to me!

  5. Yay, i'm doing these ones too. I keep forgetting the odd yarn over and only realising a few rows on, very annoying!! I love the yarn that you have used too!


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