Thursday, 3 April 2014

Pondering the bucket list

Writing that Quilty Bucket list has got me thinking…….

That bundle of Chicopee, it needs to be a quilt. That way I will still have the fabric and it will keep me warm, instead of taunting me from the shelf. 

So, the first question is Puddle Jumping or a Swoon?
Image of Puddle Jumping- pattern 165 PAPER pattern    Image of Swoon- Pattern 142 PDF pattern
The Swoon was definitely on the bucket list! 

Then, the next question would be background fabric.

Kona White, Kona Bone or low volume scrappy?
I always thought white would be too harsh with Chicopee, but it actually looks ok!


do I splash out on these Le Creme Swiss Dot?

What do you think? 
I'm the Queen of indecision, My brain is telling me the practical/cheaper Kona white and Swoon!
Answers on a comment please……...


  1. With Moira here.. dots would look so cool for the swoon :)

  2. Swoon is always awesome but I do want someone to make puddle jumping!!
    And I like bone with the chicopee ... I used kona putty with mine and liked it v much. But yes the dots would be cool too ....

  3. Oh, I love making choices for other people - so much easier than for myself!!!! Bone/dots and Puddle jumping :)

  4. no idea. somehow I'm not able to imagine this sort of things:-) you know I'm rather matchy and color ordered freak.

  5. Bone! I think the white is too harsh, and the LV and dots too busy given the business of the prints. I prefer swoon :o)

  6. Haven't seen the Puddle Jumping pattern before it's lovely I would definitely vote for that! Like the bone too, although the dots are good too. See you are not the only one who is indecisive :)

  7. I think Bone and puddle jumping!

  8. Puddle Jumping and the swiss dot or bone, if you want to go the cheaper route. It will be beautiful no matter what you decide!

  9. Puddle Jumping and the dots, i've been eyeing them up for a while, they're just beautiful! Good Luck making the decision :o)

  10. I'm probably far too late for the party but I think that I'd go bone with swoon. X


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