Tuesday, 8 April 2014

KCW Spring - Day 1 & 2

Kids Clothes Week Spring has started and I have one aim, to sew knits.
kid's clothes week

And, for once I am prepared for it!  The fabric has been washed, matching threads have been bought, brains have been picked on IG, I've picked two patterns to try, patterns were printed/copied and ready for cutting.
Day 1 was all about the chopping, making sure I didn't stretch the fabric as I was cutting and realising that knits are not great to be pinned to pattern pieces.
Day 2 has been about the sewing, and if you'd asked me earlier if this knit sewing was going to be a success, I might have thrown something at you, followed by a barrage of abuse. But, after a little machine pep talk (it kept eating the fabric!) I have sewn my first knit.
Whats more it's wearable!

And fits, even the model seems to like it!
And she can be one tricky customer!! 

So the details 

Flashback Skinny Tee - size 4T by Made by Rae
Organic Jersey in raspberry and blue stripe and Ink Organic Ribbing from Kitschy Coo
Sewn on my Janome MC8200qc, (using the knit stitch and overcast stitch) without an overlocker in sight and just look how neat those seams are!!!!! 

It was sewn together in less than an hour, the fabric is so soft and it fits brilliantly. And I have so much fabric left over, I can see a Tee in this colour way up until she leaves school! 
So KCW Day 1 & 2 has been a massive success in my camp! Lets hope the next knit is so easy……..


  1. Did you know that your content is being stolen? Quiltpatternspro.com has stolen this blog post (and possibly others) and reposted it word-for-word as their own without linking back to here. There’s info on littlebunnyquilts.blogspot.com about how to contact goDaddy about the copyright infringement. Good luck!

  2. You did a great job even matching the stripes of the body to the sleeves....very good! I don't know how to sew knits but I need to learn as I plan on making my own clothes from now on..if possible. What a cutie your model is!

  3. Oooh, don't use pins for the pattern, use pattern weights and cut round with a rotary cutter, then you don't have any distortion risks :o)

  4. Neat! Well done! Fun pics.

  5. So pleased that it went so well for you, can't wait to see what other knit projects you come up with!


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