Wednesday, 2 April 2014

2014 FAL Q1 - How did I do?

Well, I started back in January with 7 things on my Q1 List

It needed a backing, quilting and binding - Done  
It's in use on the little lady of the house's bed!

This needed December (bottom left square), the year square (bottom right one) finishing and then turning into something! - Done
This is sitting in it's custom frame and lives on the only nail in the house, in the hallway greeting people as they enter the mad house! 

3. HST's Cushion
They were Swoon off cuts and were destined to be a cushion - FAIL ×

I had one finished block and one that resembled lego pieces. They needed finishing, quailing and turning into usable cushions - Done ✓✓
 Finn the Human

The Ice King
They now live with my friends son and he declared them his best present yet!! I love that boy! 

This needed 3 more blocks, a backing, quilting and binding - Done
This is MINE! But is dragged from chair to sofa, from room to room by the good people of this house!

7. Baby Girl Quilt
This needed backing, quilting and binding - FAIL × 

5 finishes isn't bad, really and I LOVE the bits I did get finished! 
Thanks to the lovely Katy for cheering us all on on and heres to the next quarter! 
Finish Along 2014


  1. Lovely projects! you have done so well, the embroidery must have taken forever! I love the unfinished baby quilt and the squares ready to be made into a pillow/cushion. I truly believe in doing things when you feel like it- much more enjoyment that way. I did not even attempt a bucket list as I knew I would fail- too little time. Thank you for sharing.

  2. don't you just love it when something you have made is declared 'the best present ever'? Well done!!

  3. You done well. Congrats! My fav would be the first quilt :-)

  4. You did brilliantly this quarter - well done!!

  5. You did brilliantly! I'm wondering if I could conjure a Lady Rainicorn cushion - I'd win Mum-of-the-year for it!

  6. Mustn't let my kids see those adventure time cushions or there would be no peace in the house! No Jake or Gunther!? Or Princess Bubblegum?

  7. You did fabulously Jo - I think the economy block quilt is my favourite!!!!!

  8. Great finishes, you have had a very productive quarter :)

  9. So many of my favourites here! Can't decide if the economy block or pink stars is my absolute fave x

  10. You are actually Too clever for your own good! Love the cushions, they are brilliant! But love the mini squares quilt more, that's right up my street!


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