Sunday, 27 April 2014

Granny's Favourite Finished

On Friday night while the house was have an emotional breakdown, I snuck off and put the buttons on My Granny's Favourite Cardigan.
I had sewed in the ends and blocked it the weekend before last, but was dithering over button, I always want the buttons to be really neutral so it can go with as many outfits as possible.  
In the end I opted for yellow, as I think grey and yellow are a perfect pairing!
The yarn was so lovely to knit with, really soft and felt nice and thick after flitting between this and my fingering weight yarn of Miss Winkle.
I love, love, love the lace pattern at the yoke and cuffs, but the best bit about this pattern is that it is knitted in one piece….no joining or sewing bits together!! Which as much as I love sewing with fabrics I am useless at sewing knitted bits together, my finishing leaves at lot to be desired.

The details are

Yarn - Cascade 220 Superwash Yarn in 1946 Silver Grey  (Superwash means I should be able to machine wash this!!! Woohoo!!)

I made it in 4 years, which according to the measurements would give a good bit of growing room for a 3 year old Rose and they were spot on! It is a little big, but I wanted to get some longterm wear for this knit!
And now for the Mad Model!
I think she's impressed!

I have also cast on my Stormy Hitchhiker Shawl, in the stunningly soft, glittery and rainbowish yarn that I got from Cuddlebums Yarns.
18 teeth done, lots and lots more to go.
Just a little heads up too for all UK knitters, Deramores is having a massive discount on the Famous 5 brands they sell, until midnight on Monday, I may have had a little shop…….. Well, it would have been rude not too!!

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  1. I think the cardigan looks lovely with the lace pattern and no seams very neat and Rose looks pretty in it. The shawl is a lovely colour and the edging looks fab!

  2. That cardigan is knitted beautifully. It looks like it will survive a lot of wear.

  3. That reminds me to get on with my Grannys Favourite. It was put in the basket when I cracked on with the quilts. Lovely result. I might try the shawl too. I gave my friend Sue the Miss Winkle shawl yesterday and she loved it. This pattern looks great too.

  4. The yellow buttons look great, the model as nutty as usual ;o)

  5. Yellow and grey are perfect! Adorable model :)

  6. Well done! It looks really lovely!

  7. I've just seen your cardi on IG and have fell in love with it. I've had it in my library for ages but seeing yours has made me want to cast it on. X

  8. Gorgeous little cardie! Beautiful knitting and beautiful little girl x

  9. Beautiful! I love that it has no seams - I knitted by daughter a dress in size 2-3 and got stuck when it came to sewing the arms in. My mum saw it when she came to steal my unused yarn and said that she'd sew it together in the hope that it would fit daughter no 2. It says a lot about my tension that it actually fits daughter no 1 who's now 5 and wears aged 7 clothing! I think I'll stick to the quilts and just enjoy seeing your knitted beauties x

  10. Such a beautiful sweater -- what a lucky little girl. Congratulations on a fantastic finish. Karen

  11. I absolutely love that cardigan. Everything about it is beautiful and you have a very sweet model too! Your shawl is also coming on beautifully. Thank you for the heads up on the Deramores sale and for linking with Wool on Sundays :)

  12. 2 gorgeous projects! Adore the cardigan and the yellow buttons are a really nice touch. And the shawl is a wow too - love that yarn.


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