Saturday, 12 April 2014

KCW day 5 & 6...

The Husband went out last night and that meant I could sew,sew,sew to my hearts content, without anyone saying
"Are you nearly finished!" 
"It's Friday night, are you going to sit down tonight!" 
"You are obsessed with sewing!" 

So, I sewed and sewed and sewed 8 ish until 10.30 and made these! 
Two more Flashback Tee's, with PUFF SLEEVES, which means that in KCW I have sewed knits and WON!!!
And I am no longer scared by them.
And also, that they are big hit with the model! 
Lots of laughing and the 12 year old trying desperately to get her to pose!!
The children of bloggers are trained well, I do worry for later life that in the company of a camera they will pose terribly!!! 

The details are 

Flashback Skinny Tee by Made by Rae in 4 with short puff sleeves 
Knits and ribbing are from Kitschy Coo and are so so thick and soft and she has new ones with ASTRONAUTS that would make amazing pyjamas, but I've reached my fabric budget for the month!!!
BOO to budgets! They should be abolished!!

I have one more thing on my KCW list, a Hello Petal Geranium Tunic……….. but I don't think I will get it made by tomorrow…..but I live in hope!

kid's clothes week


  1. The posing outtakes are hilarious :oD

  2. Those shirts are looking very good! And the model is lovely :)

  3. Gorgeous t-shirts on a model that's so cute I could eat her on toast ;o)

  4. Good job! I enjoy your pics with model, so fun :-)

  5. These are fab! Well done for conquering the knits :)

  6. Glad I am not the only one who has to put up with remarks like that from the husband :) Your photographer's assistant is brilliant, I hope he is on commission :)


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