Sunday, 13 April 2014

KCW Day 7 - A Geranium Tunic and OUT!

This KCW has exhausted me, I think that it has fallen in the Easter Holidays hasn't helped, but I have seriously sewed, sewed and sewed! And I have SEWED KNITS!!!
But, today I have sewed something that isn't knits that I LOVE Love Love and that I want in my size!!!!!
A Hello Petal Geranium Tunic!!!
I WANT TO SQUEAL AND JUMP UP AND DOWN!!! I love it that much!!!
So, obviously I went a little photo crazy!
And the model was on posing overdrive!
I think she was just pleased to have managed the 'thumbs up' that her brothers were directing her to do.
This blogging malarky is a real family affair! This photo is the reason I don't sew for the boys as they are permanently in bloody football kits!!!

The details:

Geranium Tunic by Made By Rae made in View B & size 4T 
Blue buttons - Coats Craft 

Thats me done till KCW Summer, I'm off to lie in a darkened room…..until the children start shouting for something, probably more food!!! 
kid's clothes week 


  1. Wow you have such a brilliant week, well done. I think I had a similar week one year but I'm too scared to look back in case my memory serves me wrong. It's certainly a motivator for getting clothes made although like you found it's not worth sewing for some of my children! Enjoy the rest/wine.

  2. The tunic is gorgeous, as is the model!

  3. A very pretty dress and you have cut the material exactly right to show off the little characters. That's the difference between shop-bought clothes and homemade with love clothes.

  4. Cute! Those kids and the things we do for them :-)

  5. you have been amazing - now go and get some rest!! And the football gear - my boys are exactly the same!!

  6. I am not surprised that you want to jump up and down, this is beautiful! Grab that corkscrew you deserve it :)

  7. Very cute, and glad she finally managed the thumbs up lol

  8. I want one too! I am literally about to go buy some maternity tops. This is what happens when get revert backwards and I just want to be comfortable. There are no clothes out there for women over 50....they joke about gravity but they don't make clothes for it! I want my old maternity jeans back from years ago and jockey underwear for men (yes I wore my husbands underwear when I was pregnant...don't was dang comfortable!). And maternity tops...the old fashioned ones...not the ones that show your belly button sticking out. No, I'm not pregnant....just old. LOL!
    Your children are so cute and that little model is getting she getting hard to live with considering all her fame? I love that top! Good job too.


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